Ep. 343: How One Agent Recovered After Losing Half His Team

Sh*t Happens

Who should listen: Any agent wanting to avoid at least one major business pitfall, discover some valuable lessons in marketing, and benefit from an easy-as-you-please cold-call script.

Key idea: No one, at no point in their career, is immune from being thrown off-guard. The trick is what you do afterward to recover.

You may have heard us talk previously about Stephen, one of Luke’s brothers, on the podcast. Stephen is a real estate agent in Lynchburg, Virginia, and, at the end of last year, 4 of his agents walked out.

At the time, that was half his team.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Stephen tells us what happened. He talks about:

  • How losing his agents was his fault, and why that’s a good thing.
  • Experiencing a victim mentality, and what he did to pull himself out of it.
  • Most importantly, what he did to recover and quickly get back on track.

When you listen, don’t be surprised if you hear a little bit of yourself in Stephen’s story. He’s certainly not the first agent to hit a rough patch.

But the real value of this episode is in hearing what Stephen did to close 320 transactions last year.

There are too many Golden Nuggets in what he says to capture them here—it’s best if you listen. This genuine conversation between two brothers and a close friend deals with real-life events, includes frank comments and observations, and offers accounts of Stephen’s success using the strategies and tactics we talk about on the show, including:

  • investing in Facebook ads,
  • hosting open houses,
  • knocking on doors,
  • using circle prospecting,
  • sponsoring community events, and
  • making cold calls.

Along the way, you’ll hear the script he uses to have casual conversations with leads, how he qualifies leads without raising their suspicions of being sold to, and how he’s able to get leads to respond to his text messages.

Plus, his advice isn’t just for real estate agents. It’s advice we could all take to heart.

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