Ep. 319: Best of the Best Sales and Marketing Tips from 2021

The Best Sales and Marketing Tips We Heard in 2021

Who should listen: Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to know the best sales and marketing tips from people who have succeeded in their businesses.

Key idea: Success requires that you commit to consistent action.

Action item: Listen to each of these 8 episodes, and select an action item to implement.

Each year we like to revisit guest interviews and select some of the advice and action items that we think our listeners deserve to hear again.

Typically, these interviews leave a lasting impression because the guests’ advice is sheer genius, the actions they take are innovative, what they advocate has a huge potential to impact our listeners’ businesses, or simply because what they say makes perfect sense based on what we already know about sales and marketing.

Today’s episode is a review of our 8 picks for the best sales and marketing tips we heard in 2021 (plus a few honorable mentions). You can find links to each episode below.

Michael Burt | Episode 215

Michael (Coach) Burt speaks about the “prey drive” that exists in all of us and how a good coach will be able to help you keep this instinctual drive to achieve activated. Specifically, he names 5 factors that will get and keep you moving toward achievement.

Jeff Cohn | Episode 223

In a single year, Jeff Cohn added 76 agents to his real estate business. That same year, his team doubled their volume and their commissions. During his interview, he explains his system for coaching new agents about where and how to get their first 36 deals. As part of his system, Jeff also discusses how to develop a network of marketing service partners who will pay you for leads.

Barb Betts | Episode 239

What’s the difference between a referral and an introduction? For Barb Betts, it’s the difference between night and day. Her creative and very successful approach to obtaining referred business is just one of the many tips she shares as she describes how she’s developed a relationship-marketing system that is consistent, looks beyond the transaction, and enables her to take care of her very best clients.

Glennda Baker | Episode 243

If you’ve heard us speak about relationship marketing but still aren’t quite sure what it is or what it looks like in practice, then make listening to Glennda Baker’s a priority. She is the consummate relationship marketer, and, in her interview, she explains this strategy and its 4 key tenets: tenacity, consistency, follow-up, and an appreciation for an ROI measured in loyalty. And she has a 10+10+5 call strategy that helps her to stay in touch and nurture her relationships in an easy-going, organic way.

Shannon Gillette | Episode 257

How would you like to get 90% of your leads from Instagram? Shannon Gillette does, and, in her interview, she explains that the key is to regularly post Reels and Stories that reflect life’s real moments and that feel like a television show rather than a commercial. But her strategy is far more involved than pointing a camera and recording. She shares her tips about having a CTA, being in front of the camera, retargeting, creating unique websites for properties, and a whole lot more.

Leigh Brown | Episode 263

Leigh Brown is incredibly authentic, and she’s widely known for speaking her mind as theNo B.S. REALTOR®.” In her interview, Leigh shares the importance of thinking about you as your product and the ramifications that has for you, your business, and your marketing. For example, she talks about pull marketing, which is producing content that creates interest and makes people ask you questions and engage with you. But perhaps the most important point she makes is about implementing actions as the only way to get to where you want to be.

Mark Pattison | Episode 267

While he was on the way to the airport, Mark Pattison spoke with us about his highly successful and rigorous training program for new agents. The part we particularly love about Mark’s interview is when he talks about how he trains his agents to follow up with leads. It’s a 5-step process he calls C-TEST, and the key isn’t just how to follow up—it’s the conversations his agents have that lead to success.

Jimmy Mackin | Episode 271

We interviewed Jimmy Mackin in August, about 4 months after Apple released their scourge upon marketers everywhere—their iOS 14.5 software update—which made it almost impossible to collect data for the purpose of retargeting consumers with ads. Moves toward more digital privacy were inevitable, and you can expect more of them as time goes on. For this reason, Jimmy talks about the need to develop a direct-to-consumer content marketing strategy that will attract leads by solving their problems and eliminating their frustrations. He explains his method for ensuring he has a steady stream of this high-quality content.

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