Ep. 309: How Neel Dhingra Used Video Content to 10x His Business

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2022

Who should listen: Anyone lacking confidence or otherwise hesitant to start using video content for their marketing.

Key idea: The important thing is to begin and then to commit to consistently posting. Whether it’s once a day or once a week, just be consistent.

Action item: Set a goal that you can sustain for posting video content, and stick to it.

We’ve been talking about content marketing for quite a while, but aside from posting to your Instagram page, we haven’t spoken much about developing a formal video content marketing strategy. Today, that all changes . . .

This week’s guest is Neel Dhingra. Neel is a real estate investor and mortgage banker with a self-proclaimed passion for digital marketing—and he’s very good at it. In only a few years, he’s used digital marketing and social media to grow his business from $300K to $3M! Today, in addition to serving his real estate and mortgage clients, Neel also teaches professionals in those industries to grow their business using social media.

Neel joins us this week to share some of his thoughts about video content marketing that should put beginners at ease. He also offers tips that the new and more experienced video marketers can use to grow their YouTube channels.

Start with short-form video

At least for now, short-form videos (typically anything shorter than 3 minutes) are ruling the day. You only need to look at the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels to discover that people enjoy their information served in quick bites.

Short-form videos are the perfect length for introducing yourself to a new audience. What’s even more amazing is both platforms will show your videos to people beyond those who follow you.

Think about that for a moment . . . even without an audience, your videos have the potential to be seen by millions!

So what do you say to these millions of potential returning fans?

Neel recommends looking to your clients and asking what their common questions are. A series of short videos that answer the most popular FAQs will get some eyes on your content. If they’re good, they’ll get shared.

Similarly, if you can quickly explain a common problem your clients experience and clearly present a solution, your audience will find you.

Longer-form video absolutely has its place, and that place is YouTube. If you find that you can’t answer a question or solve a problem in a minute or two, make a short-form video for Instagram or Facebook that teases the longer answer and drives viewers to your YouTube channel for more information.

Be consistent

There are many reasons why budding YouTubers quit making videos. Some are disappointed because their expectations of meteoric success don’t match reality. It can take a long time to attract a steady following. Stay Paid is entering its fourth year as a podcast, and only now can we say with some reasonable confidence that we have a cadre of loyal followers.

Other new video marketing enthusiasts burn out like a white-hot flame. They consume all their energy putting out video after video, day after day, at a pace that’s impossible to sustain. Neel’s most frequently repeated advice is to pick a schedule that allows you to be consistent. Eventually, posting once a week for a year will get you to where you want to go better than once a day for a month.

Stay active with Instagram Stories

Luke is fond of saying that perception is reality. One example he often refers to is people’s perception of someone’s social media activity. The equation goes like this: the more active someone appears to be, the more productive we’re likely to assume they are. That perceived productivity then encourages people to view them as credible and experienced sources of information.

But staying active on social media, and with your Instagram Stories in particular, also allows people to more easily know, like, and trust you. Your activity and engagement open the door to possible connections that may lead to business.

Of course, Neel shares more tips and views than what we’ve presented here. You’ll want to listen to discover his thoughts about whether you should hire a professional videographer, why investing in a coach or mentor can save you valuable time, how to best use hashtags, and other insights.

We also strongly encourage you to couple your listening of Neel’s interview with our interview featuring Cody Askins. Cody offers step-by-step instructions for what he did to grow his YouTube channel by 2,500 new subscribers in 28 days.

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