Ep. 236: 6 Can’t Fail Closing Techniques to Get More Deals

Effective Techniques for Closing a Sale

Who should listen: This episode is for sales professionals looking for different types of closing techniques that will enable them to close more deals.

Key point: The six closing techniques described are: the takeaway sales technique, the assumptive close, the tie-down or yes close, the either/or close, the trial or puppy dog close, and the charity close.

Action item: Take one of the closing techniques, practice it to make it your own, and then start using it.

Experience has shown us time and time again that some of the most technically proficient salespeople can’t close the deal.

The problem is often one or more of these three issues:

  • They don’t have confidence in themselves.
  • They don’t have passion for what they’re selling.
  • Their closing methods are unproductive.

As for building confidence, there’s nothing better than practice.

All professionals practice their skills—athletes, musicians, writers, painters, teachers, etc. Professional salespeople are no different. Sales is a skill. To become a sales expert and to build confidence, you need to practice selling.

Passion for what you’re selling is a matter of knowledge and belief.

As a professional salesperson, it’s your job to know everything about the product or service you’re providing. You need to know every feature and every benefit. But you also need to believe that what you’re selling will truly help people. If you don’t, then you need to sell something else.

Finally, it’s possible the sales closing techniques you’re using simply don’t work.

Selecting the right closing techniques

All the confidence and passion in the world won’t close a sale if the words you’re using aren’t the right ones, or if you’re using the right words in the wrong situation.

There are dozens of closing techniques you can use. Many are known by different names. For example, there’s the Ben Franklin close, which is also known as the pros and cons list. There’s also the alternative closing technique, which you might have encountered as the either/or close.

But in addition to having a rehearsed set of closing techniques that feel natural to you and fit your personality, you also need to know when to use which technique.

Knowing which sales closing will be effective and when is largely a matter of carefully listening to your prospect for clues about their state of mind.

If they’re ready to sign, great! Hand them a pen or, more likely, ask for their credit card number. But, if they’re hesitant, then you need to understand their feelings and the source of their hesitancy to select from your best closing techniques the one that is most suited to getting the deal.

During this week’s episode, Luke and Josh discuss six effective techniques for closing a sale that work with any type of deal:

  • the takeaway sales technique
  • the assumptive close
  • the tie-down or yes close
  • the either/or close
  • the trial or puppy dog close
  • the charity close

They explain each type, provide examples, and talk about when it’s best to use each kind.

Consider finding several scripts that include these different closing techniques.

When you find a few you like, practice them until you make them your own. A script should feel comfortable. Then start using them.

You’ve only got everything to gain!


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