Ep. 159: #1 Coach, Chadi Bazzi, Reveals His “No Objections” Listing Process

When coaching agent’s, Chadi Bazzi’s goal is to turn their world (and process) upside down and in doing so, turn them into masters of influence.

Chadi doesn’t just want the people he coaches to get more leads…

In his six-step process, which he admits is completely backwards, Chadi aims to “rewire your mind and equip you with the skills of influence that you can get anyone, anywhere, any time to do exactly as you want them to do and have them think it was their idea to begin with.”

Listen to this episode as Chadi speaks with Luke and Josh about his 6-step process for securing leads. It relies on applying a few facts of neuro-psychology and learning to listen in ways many agents have never considered.

Key Points

  • Agents don’t need more leads. What they need is the ability to convert leads.
  • It’s important to begin with the proper mindset. Discover, know, and embrace your authentic self; believe you are worthy; and expand your awareness of opportunity.
  • Common behavior, not common interests, is what creates rapport.
  • Pre-qualification isn’t just about wants, needs, and timelines. It’s an opportunity to learn how your clients makes decisions, like to think, and process information.
  • “Program” your clients in the right way and by the time you finish your presentation not only will everything they want be standing in front of them, they’ll also have no objections.

Action Item

Build the right mindset and start by assuming the close and affirming your authentic self.


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