The Best Closing Phrases for Any Deal


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In any sales situation, there comes a moment when the time feels right to go for the close. While there is no single magic phrase that will guarantee a sale, there are some time-tested lines that can help you get results. Here are six highly effective closing phrases you can use to close your next deal.

“What can I do to get you signed up today?”

This is a classic closing phrase, because it shows that you are motivated, while reminding the customer that the ball is still in their court. If they have any questions or concerns, you’ll do everything in your power to address them. When you make customers feel empowered and taken care of, that’s a winning combination—one that’s very likely to result in a completed sale.

“If everything sounds good to you, I can send over the paperwork to get you started.”

If you prefer a slightly less direct approach, this one might do the trick. You’re giving the client an opportunity to raise any potential issues or objections, but also getting them to visualize that crucial next step. Better still, you’re answering that inevitable question, should they agree to move forward: “What’s next?”

“Aside from XYZ, what else is keeping you from moving forward today?”

Even when a customer seems likely to buy, there will usually be one or two objections you’ll need to overcome. Let’s say their primary objection is the price. It’s your job to demonstrate that the value of your product or service far outweighs the cost. But, if your customer still insists the price is too high, this could also be the time to offer a discount.

Once you’ve addressed the customer’s pain points, you can repeat the above question in a slightly different way. For example, “Now that we’ve found a price we can agree on, is there anything else keeping you from moving forward today?”

Regardless of the nature of the objection, the principle here is the same. You’re acknowledging the client’s pain point, while highlighting your product or service as something your client can’t do without.

“Is there anything else you have any questions about, or are you ready to move forward?”

Giving the client an opportunity to ask questions doesn’t just prevent any issues down the line, it’s also a subtle way of letting them know you’re committed to providing them with the best service possible—even if that means giving them this final chance to postpone the deal. Of course, if you’ve made the case for what you’re selling, they’ll be ready to say yes sooner than later.

“It sounds like you’re interested in going with either or Y. Which option sounds better to you?”

This is a good option to use when your client is being a little indecisive. It keeps the conversation on track by reminding them that you hold the key to solving their problem. At the same time, it’s not a high-pressure pitch. The customer ultimately gets to decide which option is truly the best fit—you’re just there to make it happen.

“Are you ready to take the next step?”

This line, delivered with confidence, puts an exclamation point on a conversation where everything has lined up perfectly. Your client is interested, and any objections have already been addressed. Rather than giving them time to second guess, swoop in with this question and close the deal.

Of course, these lines aren’t one size fits all. You might find that a slight variation works better for you, and that’s OK. The main thing is to be ready for that big moment, when it’s time to close the deal. As the old saying goes, “haste makes waste.” Preparation, on the other hand, makes money.

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