Ep. 206: The Golden-est Nuggets of the Year

Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

We’ve collected the best business advice for entrepreneurs from some of the most successful, entertaining, and insightful Stay Paid guests of the year.

For this week’s episode of Stay Paid, Luke and Josh combed through the interviews of 2020.

Each committed to picking three of his favorites.

The result is a list of some of the most successful, entertaining, and insightful guests and the Golden Nuggets they offer.

You’ll find the complete list of episodes below, but here we’ll pull out some of the larger themes.

Collectively, these episodes make for some of the best business advice for entrepreneurs you’ll find in any podcast.

And don’t be surprised if you hear how often different guests talk about the same themes.

They have their own unique spins, they emphasize different points, and they support their opinions with different stories and examples, but you’ll hear the same ideas brought up again and again.

That should make you feel confident the advice works.

  • Stand out by doing the unexpected. No one raves about getting what they expect.
  • Earn trust by being as visible as possible and becoming familiar.
  • Keep taking risks if what you’re doing is staying true to yourself and your dreams.
  • There’s no one right way, so try new things.
  • Track. Adapt.
  • Keep your eye on your goal and put your energies into activities that get you closer to it.
  • Leaders set standards and hold themselves and others firmly to them.
  • Mindset matters.

Listen to the episodes below.

Act on what you hear.

And if you have any questions or want to know more, the contact information for each guest is included with the links. You can also reach out to Luke or Josh at podcast@remindermedia.com.


Key Points

  • Learn from those who came before you.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Your business will grow if you act on the advice you hear on Stay Paid.

Action Item

  • Listen to each episode mentioned and take action on the advice offered.
  • Share Stay Paid with a friend.

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Top 6

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Runner Ups

Ep. 114 Peter Lorimer – Build an Unstoppable Business by Betting on Yourself

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