Ep. 165: Peter Taunton – Founder of Snap Fitness on How to Scale and Lead a Business

This is the story of how work ethic, dreaming big, and working with the right people paid off in an ENORMOUSLY PROFITABLE WAY.

Peter Taunton was educated in a two-room schoolhouse; toured as a racquetball pro; founded Snap Fitness, the world’s largest fitness franchise; and now owns a resort in … wait for it … the Serengeti!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of Peter’s success as an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader.

Key Points

  • Leading by example, not hesitating to take on the hardest tasks, sincerely interacting with your clients, and being a genuine part of the community are transferable strategies for success that you can apply to any business.
  • No one makes it on their own; so find and surround yourself with loyal, coachable, disciplined, and passionate people and then retain them.
  • Three pieces of advice to entrepreneurs:
    • Have a full-blown business plan that starts with your vision and ends with an exit plan.
    • Have patience.
    • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Leaders need to have standards and hold the line, but they also need to lead with authority, compassion, and respect.

Action Item

Examine your standards. Do you need to raise the bar?


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