Ep. 183: #1 Agent in the Nation Shares Step-By-Step Secret to Converting Leads

 How to Get Clients

Getting clients is about a systematic approach to lead generation, lead follow-up, and lead conversion.

Entrepreneurs are generally eager people. They want to make a success of their business, and the sooner that happens the better.

As a result, they may try anything that tells them how to get clients or promises to help them achieve their goals faster regardless of whether it actually does.

Other entrepreneurs are eager but fearful.

They’ll engage in activities that keep them busy (and free from the clutches of failure). It’s not intentional, but as long as they’re working hard, they think they’re making progress.

But progress only comes when your engaged in lead generation, lead follow-up, and lead conversion.

In this week’s episode of Stay Paid, Michael Hellickson, a #1 agent in the nation and now a successful real estate coach, provides specific advice—relevant to every industry—about how to accomplish each of these fundamentals. Michael is very intent when he says that to have a business you need to do three things every day:

  • Find leads.
  • Follow up on leads.
  • Convert leads into sales.

How to get real estate leads

Michael’s advice for how to get real estate leads is as applicable to professionals looking for clients in any industry. For anyone who needs to know how to get clients, Michael begins with lead generation.

He pulls no punches when he says as an industry, agents “suck at lead generation.” His proof? If agents were good at lead generation, then Realtor.com and Zillow wouldn’t exist. The same can be said for other similar services.

First, if you only have one source of leads, it’s a “recipe for disaster.” Additionally, you want to get your “speed to lead” as short as possible. Within seconds of getting a call, text, or email, someone should be talking to that lead. If you don’t, they’ll quickly become someone else’s lead. That’s where automating and systematizing your process can be a game changer.

Lead follow-up

According to Michael, the only thing agents are worse at, after lead generation, is lead follow-up. He shares that last year there were 85 million real estate leads but only 8.5 million transactions. The lack of follow-up in real estate amounts to millions, maybe billions, of dollars in lost transactions.

Following up with a potential lead as quickly as possible is critical to success. If you wait as little as five minutes, the chance of getting that lead decreases by 900%. If you can respond to a lead in less than 30 seconds, your conversion rate will increase significantly.

But how should you follow up?

Michael provides a six-step process, starting with a call and ending with Facebook. He lays out exactly what actions to take and how often to take them.

Converting leads to sales

About lead conversion, guess what. (Fans of Stay Paid will recognize this piece of advice.)

It’s about B.R.O.T.: Building Relationships with Trust.

Long before you do business with someone, you need to provide them with value. Provide tons of value so that they know when they sign up with you, they’re going to get what they need.

When you hear Michael’s stories about mac ‘n cheese, blind dates, and drug dealers, the principle of building trust before closing the deal will be as clear as a blue, cloudless sky.


Key Points

  • There are three things you need to do every day to remain in business:
    • Lead generation
    • Lead follow up
    • Lead conversion
  • Automate and delegate as many marketing and sales functions as you can.
  • Always have multiple sources for lead generation.
  • Poor follow-up will always result in more losses than excessive follow-up.
  • Build relationships on trust. Offer value. Position yourself as a servant who cares.

Action Item

Do what you need to increase your “speed to lead.”


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