Ep. 190: Scary Stories III – Revenge of the ZOOM

Halloween Fun

The Stay Paid Pals tell work-from-home stories and laugh at sales calls gone wrong.

With so many people working remotely, it seems like everyone has one or two work-from-home stories that are laugh-out-loud funny. And if you’re in sales, you definitely have stories about sales calls gone wrong … terribly, terribly wrong.

This week, Luke and Josh have some Halloween fun retelling stories like these from their podcast fans and ReminderMedia staff. And true to form, they manage to pull out some valuable lessons from even the funniest among them.

From job candidates who don’t fit the bill, to Zoom mishaps, to moms who will always find a way to embarrass their children, Luke and Josh are pleased to bring you Stay Paid’s third annual Halloween special.


Key Points

  • You can’t control everything.

Action Item

  • Be safe.
  • Set guidelines.
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.


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