How Collaboration Fuels One Entrepreneur’s Business

Home Stager Collaborates with Sherwin-Williams to Provide Value to Agents

Collaborate with other professionals—even your competitors—to provide additional value to your clients, expand your referral network, and grow your small business.

This week on Stay Paid, we’re excited to speak with Krisztina Bell, a Georgia real estate agent and professional home stager. Krisztina is the proud owner of two Atlanta-based staging companies—No Vacancy Home Staging and Virtually Staging Properties. Her expertise has earned her recognition on popular shows like HGTV’s House Hunters and Property Brothers as well as in features in REALTOR® Magazine and the New York Times.

In her interview, Krisztina shares valuable insights gained from her 19 years of business ownership. One key lesson she emphasizes is the power of collaboration as a strategic tool for growth. By working with other professionals in her field (most would call these people “competition”; she calls them “colleagues”) as well as with larger companies, she has expanded her referral network, built a robust reputation, enhanced her credibility, and solidified the trust others have in her work.

Krisztina’s collaboration extends beyond her immediate industry. Partnering with companies like Sherwin-Williams (an international paint and related products manufacturer, distributor, and seller) has allowed her to provide additional value to her clientele of real estate agents. By leveraging resources from such partnerships and sharing her expertise, she can aid her clients in enhancing their listing presentations and guide them on utilizing staging techniques to “sell faster at top dollar.”

Moreover, Krisztina actively collaborates with fellow home stagers and professionals in real estate-related fields to conduct continuing-education classes for agents. As you listen to her interview, you’ll hear how these classes serve as subtle yet impactful marketing opportunities, building relationships not only with potential clients but also with those who can refer her services.

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