The Secret to Building a LASTING Insurance Career

Mastering Success: Strategies and Insights for Ambitious Insurance Professionals

Agents maximize their success when they treat their business like a business and commit to continuous education about the broader aspects of the industry.

This week on Stay Paid, we interview Edward Pritchett, managing partner at Symmetry Financial Group and CEO of one of their top-performing agencies, which boasts one of the highest agent-retention rates in the industry.

Edward’s interview begins with a discussion on his inspiring foray into real estate investments. He views this avenue as a way of complementing his career in financial services—both interests have a significant impact on communities and the daily lives of the people he serves. From there, our conversation turns to what it takes to become a consistent six-figure earner.

Treat your business like a business

Given that he started with a small project and eventually grew his real estate holdings to include more than 1,000 multifamily door projects, we asked what he would advise financial and insurance professionals do to start their own businesses. You’ll hear all the details when you listen, but in short, he notes that most fail in the attempt because they don’t treat their business like a business. He offers an extensive and compelling examination of why methodical preparation, the proper mindset, and continuous education are essential to long-term success.

Provide value to receive value

We also ask Edward to account for his amazing ability to retain agents. His approach begins with laying out expectations, encouraging professional development, and serving his best agents well by giving them the resources they need to succeed. He’s frank about where he invests his time and effort, and low-level performers receive very little of either. In business, he says, it only makes sense to put your resources toward performers who do the most good. To get value, you first need to give value.

Develop a broad understanding of the industry

Highlighting the life insurance industry’s trillion-dollar magnitude, Edward emphasizes the need to understand the broader scope of the profession beyond product training. His passion for sharing information about the industry, sales training, and government regulations and their impact underscores his commitment to continuous learning. It’s one that has inspired him to create a podcast with a mission to be an invaluable resource for insurance agents across all sectors seeking to elevate their understanding and careers. This podcast isn’t just about selling insurance; it’s about building a thriving and sustainable career in an ever-evolving industry.

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