Work Your Marketing Collateral

The moment we launch a marketing effort we start anticipating ROI, waiting with bated breath to see whether or not a campaign was effective. We’ve invested time, money, or both, and now we expect a payoff.

This kind of waiting and expectation can be fatal to even the most well-thought-out campaigns. The most successful marketing plans are automatically followed up with action. That is how we guarantee return. We need a plan to use it as a means to reach the right people and drive new business.

Time and time again I have seen amazing marketing campaigns fail because the companies that paid for them expect profits to just roll in. The fact of the matter is that a great ad, or a great piece of collateral, usually isn’t enough to get prospects to dive through the sales funnel and hand over their money. Conversely, I have seen terrible campaigns succeed because the person or company behind the ad worked the exposure from day one.

Passive advertising can be effective; I just happen to believe it would be much more effective if it was leveraged completely. At ReminderMedia we have plenty of agents and professionals who send out American Lifestyle magazine just to stay top of mind and give something back to their clients. It is a plan that pays dividends. When a past client or prospect sees your face on the cover of a magazine they love, they think of you the moment they need service in your industry.

But when I reach out to the top producers on our roster, and inquire about how they use the marketing as a tool, they always mention how they use the magazine as a way to reach out. It gives them an excuse to pick up the phone and call up prospects, break the ice, and move them through the funnel. It also gives them the opportunity to ask past clients for referrals. After all, the past client just got a magazine they love, it’s only natural that they want to reciprocate by sending some business in the direction of the agent who sent it. Follow-up makes marketing profitable.

So next time you assemble marketing collateral, make sure you work it till it can’t be worked anymore. Don’t just put together a plan for creating the campaign, create a plan for the weeks and months after the campaign is released. How will you compile leads and leverage exposure? Once you have the leads, will you adjust your pitch to incorporate the content of the campaign? Play the tape out to make sure you make money.

Written by Sefton Eisenhart

A writer who deeply believes that everyone is in sales.