How to Use American Lifestyle Magazine as a Follow-Up Method

In real estate, following up with past clients and prospects is an integral part of staying top of mind. But it can be challenging to discover a catchall method that doesn’t seem too pushy or random. However, sending a high-quality marketing tool, like American Lifestyle magazine, presents you with numerous opportunities to reach out to your contact list in a genuine manner.

Find relatable articles.
If you come across an article that relates to certain contacts, let him or her know. Perhaps it may be that they’ve been to a specific location that’s mentioned in a travel piece. Or their favorite food has a new spin on it, and it’s featured as a recipe Tear Out Card. Use whatever resonates as a talking point. It will show that you’re thinking of them, and that they’re more than a deal to you—two things that will give you a competitive edge.

Leverage timely content.
ALM is packed with timely seasonal content. Give you contacts a call to wish them a happy spring, and bring it back to the magazine. Ask them if they plan on trying any of the warm weathered recipes. You can take it a step further and inform them of business changes (i.e. new hours), and inquire about their selling/buying plans for future months. This can naturally shift the context of the conversation without it seeming like a sales pitch.

Ask about sharing.
More than likely, your contacts are sharing your magazine with their friends and family. Touch base with your contacts to see how they’re enjoying the magazine, and ask if they’ve been able to share the magazine with anyone. Let them know that you would be honored to send their contacts a copy as well. This is a great opportunity to potentially capture a referral, expand your reach, and get your brand in front of more prospects.

Schedule a meeting.
A face-to-face meeting with your contacts is far more valuable than a phone call. You can use ALM as a foundation to schedule a meeting. If you know that your contact is interested in a homer renovation or taking on a DIY project, let them know that you saw a great idea in the magazine. Ask to meet for coffee to discuss further. A simple coffee date is a great way to catch up and reopen the lines of communication.

American Lifestyle magazine presents you with numerous opportunities to follow up with your contacts. Regardless of what route you take, you’ll be able to leverage the content to help you reconnect and engage authentically.

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A digital marketer with a love for all things social.