How to Become Industry Synonymous

Growing up, I had a music teacher who said, “Anyone with a guitar is a musician. The trick is figuring out how to be a good one.” If you fall into a piano then you played the thing, even though it might hurt the hearing of anyone in earshot.

And if you have a job, you are part of an industry. But are you a noteworthy part of that industry? Is your career a facet of your identity? Are you a memorable professional?

Being industry synonymous is an apex. It means that when someone thinks about real estate, you are the personification of the word. You have made yourself known, cultivated your sphere, and reached the top of your game. Being the go-to in any industry is very lucrative.

You’ll inevitably find yourself turning people away because you either don’t have the time or the price isn’t right. It will still be an honor to be courted by prospective clients, because when they had a need, you were the first person they thought of.

But how do you achieve this distinction? Is it by a grand public accomplishment? Is it by badgering every person you come into contact with? No!

The way to become industry synonymous is to be consistent, and to let your career pleasantly bleed into every aspect of your waking hours. Don’t burden people with your knowledge; instead, always think of how you can help people with it. If ever there is a person who can benefit from what you have to offer, you better make sure to go out of your way to assist. It won’t always result in immediate profit, but your reputation will be galvanized and you will prosper along the way.