Wendy’s Snarky Tweets: Childish or Genius?


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280 characters—that’s all that goes into a tweet. But, for the popular fast food chain Wendy’s, it’s so much more. What started as a few lighthearted comebacks, has evolved into a notable social media presence that has set the stage for their brand.

The majority of large brands use social media to promote their products and answer customer inquiries. They’re correspondence with their audience often feels like it’s coming straight from a manual—almost robotic. However, Wendy’s tweets are anything but scripted. Sure, they still promote their products, but they do so in an authentic way. They appeal to their audience with popular phrases and trending topics.

Nowadays, brands are walking on eggshells to ensure that they’re politically correct. However, Wendy’s has thrown caution to the wind. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries by not-so subtly attacking their competition, and even poking fun at their audience. Their unfiltered tweets are a welcomed breath of fresh air, and has their followers anticipating their next move.

This authenticity and inappropriate humor has garnered genuine engagement. Of course, national brands are bound to have larger audiences, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is paying attention. Yet, Wendy’s followers are there for a reason. Their strategy has pulled people in, kept them entertained, and leaves them wanting more. In fact, people are tweeting at Wendy’s just to see if they can be on the receiving end of an infamous snarky response.

There’s no denying that we’re loyal to certain fast food chains. Whether it’s the French fries or reliable service, you have your favorite. While Wendy’s tweets might not make you fall head over heels for their chargrilled menu, they’re drumming up a conversation, and when it comes to marketing, sometimes that’s all a brand needs.

If you find yourself stuck in a social media rut, take a play out of Wendy’s book. We’re not suggesting that you pick a fight with your audience, but rather make a conscious effort to differentiate yourself from your competition. Adopt a unique voice, and deliver authentic content. It could just be the change that your marketing so desperately needs.

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