Using Instagram’s Galleries Feature to Your Advantage


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In the past few years, Instagram has become a social media powerhouse. With the help of various updates, they’ve developed a platform that is valuable for business professionals, including REALTORS®. Its latest feature, Galleries, provides you with the opportunity to create unique and engaging content.

What exactly is it?  

With Galleries, you’re able to share up to ten images and videos in one post and slide through them like an album. Each image and video can have a separate filter, but the post as a whole will share one comprehensive caption and location tag.

How can I benefit from using it? 

  • Showcase your listings.
    While a listing ad limits you to a certain number of images, Galleries does the exact opposite. In fact, you’re able to highlight your listing’s best features in one post. From an upgraded kitchen, to a spacious master suite to a fenced-in backyard—the sky is the limit. To provide your audience with the complete package, consider including the essential details in the caption—address, square footage, price, and local taxes.
  • Give a tour of an open house.
    Nowadays, a virtual open house is almost as advantageous as a real one. With Galleries, you can guide your audience through the house, just as you would in person. Think about starting from the outside, entering through the front door, and walking through each room. Don’t forget to include a voiceover in each video that highlights the amenities, which will give your prospects the chance to gain a better sense of the living space.
  • Share your personal life.
    Your posts don’t have to always be geared toward new listings and open houses. Try to add variety to the content that you share with your audience. Using the Galleries feature, consider giving them a glimpse into your life outside of work—either images from a recent family vacation or videos from a local charity event. Your audience will enjoy seeing diversity on their feed, and in turn, will be able to relate to you on a more personal level.

This season, take your Instagram profile to another level by utilizing the Galleries feature. You’ll be surprised at not only how simple it is, but also the increase in engagement that it brings you.

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