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Instagram has grown from a straightforward photo-sharing platform to a bonafide social media behemoth. As a result, it is a great place to grow you sphere by providing followers a glimpse into your life. If you want to build your presence, take action on the following tips.

Video Transcription

Alright so there’s no doubt social media is all the rage and you should be using it in your business and one of the most popular platforms is Instagram, and this is actually personal to me because this year I decided to make a resolution and use my personal Instagram to grow my brand and grow my business.

I’ve always had a business Instagram but have never used a personal Instagram, and so I want to share with you guys in this video four things I’ve learned on this journey of trying to grow my own Instagram.

Number one.

The first thing I’ve learned is you should switch your personal Instagram account to a business account, this is real easy, takes a couple minutes go to your settings, change it to a business account. And the reason why because you can get more analytics and engagement on your followers.

Number two.

The second thing I’ve learned is use Instagram Stories and Instagram Live whenever possible. The reason I’ve found is I used to always post photos and I would get some engagement but when I started doing Instagram stories I was getting so much more engagement and Ii think it’s because it gives people more of a window into who I am as a person it’s more authentic. They get to see what’s happening to my, day instantaneously.

The caution I would give you with Instagram Live is don’t do really long drawn-out videos. I find that people really like the short sound bites versus a really long Instagram Live.

Number three.

The third thing I’ve learned is use hashtags on everything. So every photo every Instagram story in hashtag the audience you’re after, who do you want to attract, what followers do you want to follow. Your Instagram, hashtag, them so for me it would be real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers. A perfect example of what’s happened to me is I’m going to a conference this year, so I hashtag that conference. I ended up gaining a couple followers just because they’re going to the same conference and had used the same hashtag.

With hashtags you can also follow Them now. So they’re gonna pop up in your feed every day and it gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with that hashtag. What do I mean? Comment on it. If you see someone that has hashtagged maybe real estate or something like that, comment on that, like that photo, it gives you a chance to spark a conversation and hopefully gain a follower.

Number four.

And then the fourth and final thing that I’ve learned, is be authentic in your posting. My posts that are way more personal like, me with my wife, me at the gym, me doing a diet, gets so much more engagement than my post about business or a motivational quote. The reason why is because people follow you because they want to know who you are, what you believe in, you know what’s the real Luke Acree like. They don’t follow me for my motivational quotes, although I can put that in there so be very personal and authentic with your Instagram posts.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are four things I’ve learned so far on this journey of trying to grow my personal Instagram. If you like these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Please comment below, let me know your tips on how to attract more followers, and how to grow your Instagram.  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly Take Action On This Today!

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