Turning a Lost Sale into a Learning Opportunity


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Even the best salespeople have off days, when nobody on the phone seems to want to do business with them. It’s important not to view these instances as failures, but rather, as opportunities that can be turned into something far more successful. With these tips, you’re sure to put yourself one step above the competition.

See what can be changed

We’ve talked about emotional intelligence before, and how important it is to treat every prospect on the phone as an individual. Scripts are good for knowing at a basic level what to say (or not say), but you should truly be tailoring your message to the person you’re talking to. If your process isn’t turning any prospects into clients, it may be time to switch up how you talk to people on the phone.

Play to your strengths

Maybe the caller in the cubicle next to you is having success with all of their prospects, so you try to do what they’re doing. But know that what works for one person may not be what works for you. Find what your strengths are as a salesperson, and fine-tune them so you can go into each call with the utmost confidence.

There’s power in the follow-up

Sometimes, it really isn’t the right time for a prospect to commit to doing business with you. This is why following up is so important—down the line, it could be the right time. Give them another call and try a new tactic, or make them a different offer. Sometimes, it’s all about your approach.

Take ownership

Nothing makes you feel worse about losing a sale than spending the rest of the day feeling sorry for yourself, and treating every other call accordingly. Whether or not you feel like the lost sale was your fault, don’t make excuses. Take ownership of the outcome and turn it into motivation.

Losing a sale doesn’t have to determine how the rest of your week—or month—will go. Be accountable for your losses and turn them into something that will bring you success later on. It’s all about how you view it, and if you take each misstep as a learning opportunity, you’re already on the right track.

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