Top Traits that Make You More Desirable to a Client

Selecting a REALTOR® is a thought-provoking and sizeable decision for clients. Whether they’re a first-time homebuyer or they’ve outgrown their current house, one can safely assume that copious research (via internet or word of mouth) will go into their selection process. So, how do you ensure that you best suit a client’s stringent requirements? Ensure that you possess a combination of traits and characteristics that they deem most desirable.

  • Effective communication: Real estate is multi-layered with various ins and outs, meaning that communication is key. A realtor should be able to efficiently communicate to help navigate buyers and sellers through the process. Ensure that you provide thorough explanations of each step, the greater the detail, the better. Staying in touch is vital. Reach out to clients by phone as soon as you have the latest update. Proper communication will help garner the trust that is needed.
  • Local knowledge: A buyer will inquire about various aspects of a neighborhood. How are the schools? Is it safe? What has the competition sold for? Be prepared to be able to accurately answer each question. Sellers will be interested in your success rate with previous listings in the area. Be upfront about how quickly you were able to move them and for what price. Become a self-proclaimed genius of your local area.
  • Visually appealing: In a sea of competition, you’ll need to stand out. Clients will develop their own perception of you, which could either make or break your business. Providing your clients with a national publication, such as American Lifestyle magazine, will help them associate you with high-quality, positively impacting their perception. This overall notion will translate into them believing that you are the best suited for their listing.
  • Honesty and integrity: Nobody wants fluff, especially your clients. They’re looking for somebody that’s willing to tell them how it is. If you don’t think that a house is worth the asking price, let them know. If you know that there has recently been a surge in crime, be open. It’s also advantageous to be up-front about the time frame. There can be various factors that can extend the length of the process and the sooner that your clients understand this, the less issues there will be for all involved.
  • Problem solving skills: When an issue arises, your clients will immediately turn to you for an answer. Whether it’s an unexpected contingency in the contract or a drastic setback with the inspection, you must be able to quickly put on your thinking cap and determine the best course of action. The power of negotiating is alluring to clients and possessing the skillset to properly execute it in your clients’ favor will be a win-win for both you and your client.
  • Technology abilities: The use of technology in real estate will only continue to increase. An agent should be up-to-date on the latest tech trends such as online listings and forms, realtor focused apps, and social media platforms. A client will appreciate agents that take advantage of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote listings and open houses. Let clients know up-front what type of tools you’ll be utilizing to assist with the selling and buying process.

Along with tenacity, a combination of the above characteristics will help you appeal to clients and become a front runner in the industry.

Written by admin