4 Ways to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Success

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How much time do you devote to honing your craft? Do you treat your job like an art form? Picture your career as a sport: are you a peewee or a pro?

To be an all-star closer, it takes more than simply showing up to the game on time.  You need to spend time off the field practicing and preparing.

Role-playing is great, but it’s not the only way to get better. Here are are some ways to sharpen your skills no matter where you are.

Read. Successful people in any profession take significant portions of time every day to read. Whether it’s a newspaper like The Wall Street Journal or a critically acclaimed novel, we have to feed our heads with material that will expand our intelligence.

Listen. In the world of sales, we’re always trying to get a point across, to make a convincing argument. When we’re not working, we need to take the time to listen to all the people we interact with, because each person can teach us something valuable and provide insights into what makes people tick.

Mentor. Keep your eyes peeled for people you can help. Providing guidance to someone with less experience can be extremely gratifying. It also lends perspective and opens your eyes to new issues and solutions.

Exercise. There’s no need to become a gym rat, but a fit body and fit mind go hand in hand. Try to get regular physical activity in the form of something you enjoy. It will help you to focus on something other than work and refresh your brain.

These habits will make you more efficient and successful. It’s not about turning into a workaholic, but becoming the best version of yourself when it comes time to selling. Practice and preparation are crucial.

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