Top 9 DIY Home Projects to Share with Sellers

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It’s important that you show your clients you care about them as people, not just because they help your business stay afloat. While it’s okay to occasionally share posts about recent sales and new listings, you don’t want your social media page to become all about you. You want to keep providing value to prospects so that they’re more likely to look at your posts and, ultimately, decide to work with you.

The next time you want to deliver engaging content to your clients, share these DIY home projects from American Lifestyle. If you’re struggling to come up with a caption, feel free to use the ones we’ve written below.

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Natural Cleaner

A collection of natural cleaning solutions

Sample caption: Want a spotless house without all the chemicals? Mix up your own natural cleaner for a healthy, clean home.

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Fire Pit

A DIY fire pit

Sample caption: What’s cozier than huddling around the fire pit with family, friends, and s’mores? Build your own and break it out on a warm night.

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Bookcase Bench

A bookcase bench

Sample caption: If you have bookworms in your home, you know how hard it is to find space to keep all the books. With this project, you can add functional storage to your home without buying anything new.

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DIY Headboard

A DIY headboard and matching bedside table, which holds a vase full of flowers

Sample caption: Who says you have to settle for a plain wooden headboard? Show off your style and personalize your headboard with these simple upgrades.

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Bottle Opener

A wood-framed bottle opener hung on a wall

Sample caption: Your bottle opener doesn’t have to stay hidden in a drawer. Make it a piece of decor that you can show off in your kitchen.

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Record Clock

A unique clock comprised of cut-out numbers and a repurposed vinyl record

Sample caption: Do you have an old favorite record that you no longer use? Transform it into a crafty clock that will be a statement piece in any room.

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Drawer Upcycle

Dresser drawers repurposed as storage space; A dog sits inside

Sample caption: If you’re getting rid of old furniture, make sure to hang onto your old dressers! You can use the drawers to make incredibly convenient pieces for your home.

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Wind Chime

A colorful DIY wind chime

Sample caption: Try your hand at making your own windchimes to add some beauty to your outdoor space. You’re sure to enjoy the relaxing sound as you lounge on your porch or patio.

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House Numbers

DIY house numbers

Sample caption: Your house number doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s! Convert yours into a piece of art with this simple craft.

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As your clients try out these DIY projects, be sure to engage with them. Ask them to post pictures of their finished products in the comments section. As always, be sure to respond to all comments or messages promptly so that you keep open communication with your clients.

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