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August is upon us, which means many of your clients are gearing up for the upcoming school year.

This busy time for parents presents a number of opportunities for you to connect with them on social media. By offering valuable content on your platform of choice, you can show that you care about your clients beyond the sale—while, in turn, also increasing awareness of your business.

American Lifestyle magazine offers a wealth of ready-made resources that you can easily share with your followers on social media. To help get you started, we’ve put together a monthly calendar of free blogs, recipes, and printables your clients will surely love.

Feel free to use or borrow from the sample social media copy we’ve included below. (And, if you’re not quite sure how to share all this great content, watch our short tutorial.)

August 1

Share: Back-to-School Checklist

Copy: “The new school year will be here before you know it! Start getting ready now to avoid stress later on.”

August 5

Share: 6 Out-of-the-Box Lunch Ideas

Back-to-school lunch ideas

Copy: “When it comes to school lunches, it’s never too early to start planning.”

August 8

Share: How to Get Your House Back-to-School Ready

Copy: “Check out these tips for minimizing mess and clutter this fall.”

August 12

Share: Put a Twist on Your PB&J

A PB&J sandwich with all the ingredients placed in view behind it

Copy: “PB&J: three ways. Kids of all ages will love these!”

August 15

Share: 6 DIY After-School Activities

Copy: “Need help keeping your kids engaged and entertained? These games and craft projects are safe, fun, and won’t cost a fortune.”

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August 20

Share: Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Copy: “Going back to school can be really tough on the whole family. Make the transition easier with these great tips.”

August 23

Share: DIY Turntable Homework Station

A DIY homework station

Copy: “A really cool solution for parents trying to keep their homes organized!”

August 25

Share: First Day of School Gifts

Highlighters in a printable pouch with the caption "Highlight of my year"

Copy: “Teaching can be a thankless job. Let those who educate your kids know how much they’re appreciated.”

August 28

Share: DIY First Day of School Signs

Printable first day of school signs

Copy: “Make those back-to-school photos extra memorable with these printable signs.”

August 31

Share: End of Summer Kids Crafts

Back-to-school DIY craft projects

Copy: “Labor Day weekend shouldn’t be stressful! Make it memorable by working on these fun craft projects with the entire family.”

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