3 Tips for Turning Prospects Into Clients With a Single Issue

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At ReminderMedia, we believe that a referral is one of the greatest compliments that a sales person can receive. But these days, 92 percent of home buyers use the internet to conduct their own research about the real estate process, and may prefer to validate their referral with a quick google search. In an age where the consumer can access a vast amount of information at any time of the day, real estate pros need to be ready to answer the toughest of interview questions.

To give their best professional impression, REALTORS should demonstrate their competency in a variety of formats to convince even the most skeptical prospects.

Provide Your Experiences—Not Just a Resume

shannersHand prospects your professional biography on a silver platter by writing a bio of your greatest professional accomplishments. A real estate bio combines your resume and your experiences—with a little bit of personality mixed in. Don’t just post your resume and expect it to attract clients. Give them some background about when and how you entered the industry, discuss any association memberships you belong to or continuing education seminars you’ve attended, and most importantly, give them your What, How, Why. Connecting with prospects on a more emotional level will help them relate to you—in turn, making them more likely to choose you over your competitor.

Post this information on your contact page or the About Me section of your personal website. If you use Promotional Copies, translate this information into a customized Front Inside Cover letter. At the bottom of the letter, include links to your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or any other social media sites that you have. The idea here is that you’re personally handing them these resources, and then leaving breadcrumbs for them to find the other content you’ve created.

Demonstrate Your Neighborhood Knowledge

According to Gaskill, prospects want to know about your sales experience within their neighborhood, and what better way to demonstrate your neighborhood knowledge than to show them.

iStock_000004376751XSmallInstagram allows users to take photos with their smart phones, and add photo enhancement filters, captions, and even location tags (it will geotag your photo with your location so other users can easily see where it was taken—perfect for showcasing a listing while subtly demonstrating the neighborhoods you’ve worked in).

In addition to using it for listings, you can also provide a lot of value to those who may not currently be in the market for a new home. Share DIY home improvement tips, before and after remodels, and even neighborhood hotspots—great for showing buyers the best attributes of a new city or town. However you use it, Instagram is one of the easiest and most fun social media platforms to manage, making it a great tool for convincing prospects you’ve got insider information into the best up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Build Your Personal Brand by Customizing Your ALM

ficThink of your personally customized Promotional Copies as your introduction to a new prospect. Plan the entire magazine to make sure your message and branding are consistent. In addition to your photo, company logo, and Front Inside Cover letter, feature your support staff on your Back Cover. Write a brief explanation of the role each member of your team plays in providing your unparalleled client experience, or showcase your current listings in a Back Inside Cover ad. Our designers have experience in creating custom ads that deliver your individual message in an attractive and professional manner—all for a fraction of the cost of an ad agency and with results that could turn a prospect into a client with just a single issue.

Instead of heading into a meeting prepared for the “interview,” why not walk in with your customized American Lifestyle magazine and show prospects how you conduct your business, rather than telling them.