American Lifestyle Promotional Copies: What’s in a Name?

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What’s in a name?

A lot, we think. That’s why American Lifestyle Additional Copies are sporting a brand-new name and a new look! Keep an eye out for the new American Lifestyle Promotional Copies packaging that will begin arriving in mailboxes today!

American Lifestyle Promotional Copies New PackagingWhat are Promotional Copies?

Promotional Copies are an invaluable compliment to your existing American Lifestyle order. They are copies customized to you, but unlike your Mailing List Copies, Promotional Copies are not addressed to anyone specifically. They are a perfect addition to your existing new client packet, a great connection opportunity with a prospect, and a unique advertising option using a targeted approach. It’s a better investment than other advertising because it actually starts a conversation and immediately elevates a reader’s first impression of you.

How do Promotional Copies work?

If you are already ordering Mailing List Copies, adding Promotional Copies is easy. Simply log in to your Account Manager, and select Promotional Copies from the menu. The letter is prewritten, and there is nothing additional to customize. If you are new to the program and still deciding who to add to your list, don’t hesitate any longer. Get started with only Promotional Copies, and begin getting your name out there in a completely new and differentiated way than your competition. Learn more about how to get started »

Why use Promotional Copies?

Because they work! But don’t take our word for it. Here is what current customers of Promotional Copies have to say about them:

EppersonI currently use Promotional Copies to hand out to current or potential clients when meeting them. I also have one hundred more that I place in every doctor’s office, dentist’s office, hair and nail salon, and spa that I can. This puts my name out there. I got a call from a woman who went to the spa and just happened to be looking for an agent, and there I was, right in her path when she was at not only the hair salon but the spa too. I sold her home less than thirty days later!
—Betty Epperson, Epperson Realty Group

LassiterAmerican Lifestyle Promotional Copies have resulted in new business for me. For the past two years, we have put Promotional Copies in mailboxes in our neighborhood. In May of this year, we got a call from a neighbor to list her mom’s home. The fact that we placed a magazine in her mailbox led directly to the sale and closing of the property in July of this year!
—Joe Lassiter, Solid Source Realty

AlfordI hand out Promotional Copies of American Lifestyle magazine at my open houses. It is seen as more of a gift than a sales approach. I don’t push for their contact information, but I tell them to call me if they want to be on my mailing list. This soft approach has resulted in calls and—even better—new clients!
—Shawna Alford, Your Castle Real Estate

BinghamI gave a Promotional Copy to my son on the way to the airport. He left the magazine in the seat pocket when he landed. Two days later, I received a call from someone who had just arrived in Los Angeles from Chicago. They said they had found and read the magazine and were looking for homes in the area to determine if they were going to relocate. I offered to show them neighborhoods and a few homes, and eventually sold them a home in Southern California!
—Greg Bingham, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

MooreI live in a fifty-five-plus manufactured home park. I put my Promotional Copies by the mailboxes. One of my neighbors, who takes a copy regularly, called me one day, and I listed and sold their home for them.
—Elana Moore, Windermere

WendtI display my Promotional Copies at my open houses. There is always someone who comes through the open house and comments on the magazine. I have signed up two or three parties because they liked the magazine—and one of the parties just put an offer in on a house using me as their agent. We are going to close in October of this year! Had I not had those copies at my open house, they would not have become a client who bought a house. Thank you!
—Laura Wendt, William Raveis

McWilliamsI scatter Promotional Copies about our community, especially doctor’s and dentist’s offices. When delivering, I bring treats for all! They look forward to seeing me, and I’ve received business as a result!
—Maria McWilliams-Lopez, Estate Properties

WeaverI give out Promotional Copies at my open houses. Probably hesitant to end up on another marketing list, one couple intentionally gave me the wrong contact information at the open house. However, they kept my copy of American Lifestyle and called me weeks later!  —Donald Weaver, Weichert, Realtors

GottliebI left some Promotional Copies at my bank for Vendor of the Month. A visitor to the bank took one and sent me a nice thank you note. I put her on my mailing list, and she has since sent me a couple of leads!
—Howard Gottlieb, Real Estate Professional

KingI order Promotional Copies and use them on listing presentations. They are so impressive that I call them the icing on the cake in sealing the deal. People love the customized back covers!
—Fiona King, Worth Properties

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