3 Practices Every Business Should Continue Post-Quarantine

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Despite this being a strange and difficult time for business owners, many have gotten creative and adapted in order to stay afloat. Whether it be offering takeout or upping their online marketing, innovation has been the name of the game.

But what happens when quarantine ends and business is allowed to resume as normal? Should we go back to business as usual? No. We should take what we’ve learned from this experience and incorporate some of the creativity and advances made to accommodate for the crisis into a long-term plan.

In the realm of sales and marketing, this is something business owners definitely need to be thinking about, and the the practices below are a great place to start.


Maintain a strong digital presence

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Without the ability to communicate with clients face-to-face, businesses have had to up their presence online. Digital communication is nothing new, but for companies that haven’t yet gotten on board, this shift may have proved challenging. And it’s not enough to just have a social media presence, you have to be active on it.

If you haven’t already, consider setting up a Facebook Business page. Not only will this give you a more professional appearance, it allows you to run ad campaigns for your business—targeting individuals you believe will respond best to your ads. You can also use this platform to share relevant content that keeps you in front of your client base, as well as posting Live videos that will further engage them.


Practice gratitude

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Whether you’ve had to shut your business down or have been able to keep going thanks to your clients, showing gratitude to your sphere is essential. Gratitude may have already been a part of your business model, but if not, you probably now know why it should be.

Everyone likes to feel special, including your clients. Personalizing their experience, whether through thoughtful communication (like phone calls and text messages to check in on them) or targeted marketing, never goes unnoticed. So many businesses are surviving during this crisis because of support from faithful clients, but you can’t achieve this kind of dedication overnight. Building your clients’ appreciation and trust takes time, but it’s well worth it for the referrals and repeat business it can bring you.

Don’t be afraid to overcommunicate—especially now, and after quarantine is over. Your clients won’t ever be upset that you offered them your support, only that you didn’t.

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Prioritize your goals

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When you set clear goals for yourself, it’s much easier to reach them. You likely have had to shift your goals slightly with the constraints of quarantine, but hopefully this has pushed you to pursue what you want even more. It’s critical to have intentions for yourself and your business—be it in your marketing, sales numbers, or even something as simple as going Live once or twice a week with a message for your clients.

These intentions help propel your business along, and you shouldn’t lose sight of them when things go back to normal. Use this time as an opportunity to set these goals if you haven’t before. Write them down, formulate a plan for achieving them, and get to work. If your goal is to make a hundred sales by the end of the year, for example, figure out the work you’ll need to put in each day in order to achieve that. Lay the foundation of this goal now.

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