The Power of Partnering with Photographers

Photographs can either make or break a sale. A high-quality image can enable your listing to be swiftly scooped up off the market, whereas a low-quality image can impede your phone from even ringing. While it’s possible to take your own photos, relying on a professional is imperative to create the type of image that will make your listing sell. Although hiring a professional can be costly, there are a few ways to partner with local photographers to reduce the cost and ensure that your customizable listing ad contains the type of content that embodies your personal brand.

  1. Reach out to your local university.
    There’s a good chance that your local college or university has a photography class with talented budding photographers. Connect with the professor to help you determine which student would be best suited for the job. For payment, you may find that students will be willing to take the photos for free in exchange for the opportunity to build their portfolios. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll still be able to receive a large discount in comparison to hiring a seasoned professional.
  2. Find a photographer that is willing to wait.
    If you’re more keen on going with a professional, locate one who is willing to collect payment once the house is sold. Propose a deal that he or she will shoot the pictures but only be paid when the house goes under contract. Although this will certainly help you, there are a few advantages for the photographer, who can build a long-standing relationship with you and be your photographer for all future listings. Also, once you hit big with your commission, you’ll be willing to pay double their original fee. A definite win-win for both you and the photographer!
  3. Leverage the long-term relationship.
    To play off of the above tip, use the longstanding relationship with the photographer to your advantage to negotiate the deal up front. Just like a builder might want you to take less commission in return for giving you multiple homes to sell, use the same tactic for photographers. Be sure to mention that, going forward, you plan on using their services for all of your listings. You can even include their logo on one of your listing ads in your magazine. Highlight that creating and maintaining a relationship will be advantageous for both of you.

There will be times when your marketing budget is tighter than others. But with a few creative tricks, you’ll be able to ensure that your promotional materials, including listing ads, embody a sense of luxury that your personal brand and clients deserve.


Written by admin