The Companies Real Estate Agents Need in Their Rolodex


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Real Estate agents act as the intermediary between many different parties. To get a house sold, a small team of professionals have to get involved, and having the right players on your team can mean the difference between a quick victory and total chaos.

In an effort to strengthen your connections and better serve your clients, you should have go-to contacts in the following areas.

Inspector: This will be the person whose analysis will dictate what kind of work needs to happen with the house, so you’ll want a straight shooter.

General Contractor: This will be your most important contact, and you’ll want to have someone solid. Not only will they do work on your listings, but they can also refer subcontractors to do more specialized projects. A top-notch general contractor is invaluable.

Plumber & Electrician: Plumbing and electric can be the sources of numerous headaches during the home buying process. From piping to lighting, you’ll want to have people whose advice you can rely upon.

Painter: Nothing can change the vibe of a home overnight like a fresh coat of paint. Find someone who can work fast and with short notice. Make sure to compensate them properly for last-minute jobs.

Mortgage Company: The majority of buyers are going to need a mortgage. You can help them out and expedite the process by pointing them in the direction of the right broker.

When you fill all these positions, you will have a formidable network of connections. This will greatly improve the experience of every client you work with, and the professionals in your crew will prove a wonderful source of referrals.

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