4 Door-Knocking Techniques for Real Estate Agents


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ReminderMedia ran a social media poll about what our viewers wanted to learn about most, and the winning answer was “Cold Outreach Tactics.” In this episode of Above the Noise, Luke reviews ways agents can get leads and listings without having to spend big.

Video Transcription:

Alright guys so we’re talking about cold outreach tactics and for all my real estate agents out there there’s really three different strategies that I’ve seen successful and cold outreach in this business.

The first is door-knocking, second is cold calling, and the third is social media, and in this video series I want to break down for you guys each strategy and give you the campaigns that you can run and also some best tips and practices that you can apply to the strategies to drive better ROI and in this first video I want to talk about the first strategy which is door-knocking.

Geographic farm

When it comes to door-knocking there’s really four different campaigns that I believe you can run. The first is your geographic farm. So this is the neighborhood you’re targeting; the zone you’re targeting to be the dominating agent, the number-one agent. You need to make sure your door-knocking your geographic farm at least once a month.

Just listed

The second campaign is just listed/just sold. So, you just got a listing. Make sure your door-knocking the 50 closest neighbors, even a hundred if you can, of that listing. And what I love about this campaign is it gives you two touch points: when you list the home and when you sell the home. So, you have another opportunity to come back around and turn a prospect into a client.

Open house

The third campaign is your open house. When you get the listing you’re obviously going to do an open house to help you sell that listing so, knock the doors of all the neighbors. Invite them to a private neighborhood open house where they can get the first look, a sneak peek, into this home.

FSBOs and expired listings

And then the fourth and final campaign is make sure your door-knocking FSBOs and expired listings. Kevin Ward, he’s a great real estate coach out there, he calls these “turbo homes” and what he suggests is start your door-knocking with a turbo home go to an expired listing first a FSBO first because there’s higher chance of closing and then branch you out through there to the five to ten closest homes so there are the four different campaigns you can use for door-knocking.

When it comes to the best practices and tips the first tip I’ll give you is set expectations when you approach a home the truth is that person’s gonna want to know who you are what you want why you’re there and quite frankly when you’re gonna leave and so you need to make sure you set expectations so they don’t think you’re just going to hang around forever. I’ve heard a great tip that says tell them how long you’re gonna be tell them that hey I just have a minute but I want it to stop by. Set the expectations
to make them feel comfortable.

Second tip is ask a lot of questions. You don’t want to be intimidating if you want to get them talking so you need to ask a lot of questions. Are they curious what their home’s worth? Are they actually living in their dream home? Are they thinking about moving? Get them engaged.

Third tip is always offer something of value when your door knocking this could be a market analysis it could be a community events calendar it could be American Lifestyle magazine offer something of value that they’ll remember you by. The next tip is dress for success. Guys I don’t care if it’s blazing hot or is freezing cold make sure you dress for success it’s going to be bringing
professionalism to your attitude and to the business.

Then the next step I’ll give you is set a start time and a stop time. It’s critical when you go out door knocking you’re gonna face rejection and you’re gonna get a lot of people who don’t answer so it’s easy to get depressed so you need to be committed you need to start a start time in a stop time because if you don’t do that you’re gonna get out there get discouraged and you’re gonna give up before you should.

And then the last and final tip which really is the most important is it’s about mindset and controlling your body language. You need to understand that the next home could be the home that changes your day, your week, your month, your year, and so guys keep going when you face that rejection and then your body language when you approach someone and you’re door-knocking, don’t intimidate them don’t come up with your hand so you know cross like this don’t look them dead in the eyes to intimidate them be upbeat, smile, be energetic that’s gonna help them engage with you and ultimately give you a chance to maybe earn them as a

The takeaway

So there you have it guys. There is  the overall strategy on door knocking, four different campaigns that you can run, and some tips that you can apply to generate more ROI for your business. If you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, of course comment below, and let me know your you know successes your failures what you’ve had success with I want to share it with our audience. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly take action on this today!

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