The Emotional Roller Coaster of Home Buying

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful processes of a person’s life.  Some clients have more ups and downs than others. There are ways you can prepare clients from day one so they know what to expect. That way, when things go well, they will have enough breathing room to enjoy the celebration, and when things go wrong, they’ll be able to roll with the punches and make it to the other side with their morale intact, ready to fight on.

The deal ain’t over until the moving truck rolls up. Make sure your clients are prepared to deal with fallout. Any agent knows there are a thousand things that can go wrong and put the brakes on a purchase. Homebuyers (especially first-timers) usually are not prepared for the kind of red tape and negotiating that crops up. They think all they have to do is find the right house in the right neighborhood. They don’t think about structural issues, radiation tests, septic problems, bad roofs and leaky basements. They don’t think about down payments, counter offers, and mortgage offers.

Make sure clients have enough cash on hand. Many buyers think they just need enough for a down payment, but they don’t necessarily think about all the other expenses, the closing costs, the appraisals and inspections, mortgage fees. Sometimes buyers will pay for an inspection and end up not buying the house, which, unfortunately, does not result in a refund.  Cash on hand will make everyone’s life easier, so make sure your clients are aware of some of the lesser known costs of business.

Then, as a real estate agent, once you know they have the financial means to make the process smooth, take the time to inspect everyone’s expectations. Organize a face-to-face meeting at a restaurant or café, somewhere casual where buyers or sellers will feel comfortable. Encourage them to open up about exactly what they want. When you know their true desires you will be in the best position to deliver.

When you couple financial maneuverability with a black and white analysis of expectations, the whole process becomes something all parties can be excited about. From there you will be in the best position to create an amazing experience that clients will never forget. When service is exceptional, you create a lifelong partnership that can drive repeat and referral business.

Written by Sefton Eisenhart

A writer who deeply believes that everyone is in sales.