The Blogs You Need to Share to Keep Your Sphere Motivated

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It’s more important than ever to be sharing the right content on social media—content that encourages your clients to keep a positive mindset during this time. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of wellness blogs you can use to offer value to possibly stressed-out clients and prospects. Plus, we’ve even included some caption ideas for each piece of content—feel free to modify the copy or simply use as is.

For fitness inspiration

workout motivation blogGet the link here!

Caption idea: The inspiration you need to get up and moving!


To keep from going stir-crazy

wellness blog start healthyGet the link here!

Caption idea: Getting antsy at home? Here’s what to read when you need wellness motivation.


Easy recipes to try

easy healthy appetizersGet the link here!

Caption idea: These flavorful appetizers feature good-for-you ingredients.


For optimal productivity

work from home tipsGet the link here!

Caption idea: Working from home? Make sure you’re doing it right.


Cleaning the natural way

natural cleaners blogGet the link here!

Caption idea: Now is a great time to get cleaning. Here’s how to clean the natural way.

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If you need help sharing this content from Social Shares Premium:

  1. Choose the article you’d like to share from the scheduler, and copy the blog title.
  2. Go to your ReminderMedia account. In the sidebar, click Social Media Shares, then Post Library.
  3. Paste the blog title into the search, and copy the blog link.
  4. Go to your Facebook account, and copy the link into the post field.
  5. Copy the caption included for that post in the scheduler, and paste into the post field on Facebook.
  6. Schedule your post.


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"stay positive" social media graphic

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