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Content marketing is a great opportunity to drive business and create customer loyalty. Providing proper content can give you a competitive edge and help you stay top of mind with customers and prospects. But, between juggling various marketing and sales efforts, how are you supposed to allot the appropriate time needed to create valuable content? Simple—curate it!

Content curation is the act of researching and sharing premade, high-quality content across various platforms. In addition to it being time-effective, there are a few additional benefits of curating content.

  • Establishes credibility: Nowadays, it’s crucial to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry. Make sure to share content that is not only valuable, but also gives you the opportunity to inform and educate your audience. Always include your own perspective on each piece of shared content. This will compel your audience to trust you—and, ultimately to turn to you as a resource.
  • Sparks a conversation: Knowing the type of content that your target audience wants to see is key. If you provide content that resonates with your audience, they’ll be more inclined to share it with their sphere—increasing your reach. For example, if you post a valuable article on Facebook and many of your followers share it, not only does the exposure of the post increase, but the initial conversation will link back to you.
  • Impresses original creators: The majority of time, you’ll find quality content from well-known sources within your industry. When sharing their content via social media, be sure to always give them a nod (for example, tweeting at them on X (formerly Twitter) and tagging their account on Instagram). They’ll not only appreciate it, but also be able to ponder your perspective. If they’re impressed, they may even reach out to you or start an online conversation.

If you’re struggling to produce original content, consider delving into the curated side. If done correctly, you’ll save valuable time and reap the above benefits.

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