3 Ways to Evaluate Your Online Image

Web presence is no longer optional for real estate agents, yet so many are doing a lackluster job with managing their online image. Luke breaks down 3 simple areas of focus to create brand awareness on the Internet.

Video Transcription

Guys today we’re talking about making your name industry synonymous, and I want to dive a little deeper into the strategy of your web presence. Now if you remember from a previous video, I let you know the error I see all the time with REALTORS® in regards to the web is they have a website, but it looks like it’s from the nineteen-nineties, or they think their website is their web presence.

So I want to give you guys just three high-level categories that should be included in your overall web presence strategy.

1. Is it of high quality and valuable?

The first is what I just mentioned that your website here, it’s gotta be high quality. And then at the end of the day you need to design it mobile-first. Literally around fifty-six percent of all web traffic is coming from mobile phones so it’s critical that you attract those visitors.

Another tip I give my clients all the time in regards to their website is there has to be something of value that attracts users to come back again and again. A good idea here would be a blog. Now when it comes to blogging don’t be a generalist, don’t take tons of topics and write about it. Look at what you’re passionate about, what you have knowledge in, be a specialist when it comes to this law. Good idea would be your community. You should be the resident community specialist. This is going to attract users to come back again and again.

2. Are you everywhere on social media?

The second high level category when it comes to your web presence is your social media. Now I’ve talked before about social media and so what I’m going to tell you guys is there’s more than just one. So if you find yourself on Facebook, you need to be on Instagram, you’ve got to be on Twitter, Snapchat. Go where the people are. You need to post consistently and high-quality content.

3. Are you controlling your image on review sites?

Now the third and final category is your review sites. This is a lot of times the most often overlooked. And though you can’t control what your clients say about you on these review sites, you can control the profile. You can control the picture, you can control the bio, and make sure it presents and portrays a consistent message with all your other marketing.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys, just three simple categories for your web presence, you got your website, you got your social media, and then last but not least, make sure you have a killer profile on these review sites.

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