Should Agents Make an Introductory Video?


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Video content is the hottest thing to have these days. A video requires the smallest amount of effort for the viewer. They get a great impression without having to do anything accept hit play. Conversely, it requires the most amount of effort from the person producing it. Introductory videos for agents can be a great way to highlight your personality and attract new business, but video is not for everyone. Here are a few considerations to make before you shout action.

Do you want to spend on quality?

Having a crappy video is much worse than having none at all. If yours looks like something from 90s public access (and you’re not a hipster agent) then it will just make you look ridiculous. Hiring professionals is not cheap, and you need to consider whether or not you are in a position to pony up for something great. Half-measures will set you back, so it’s best to abstain entirely if you don’t want to make the investment.

How do you function on camera?

It never ceases to amaze me how the most outgoing salespeople, folks that could sell anything to anyone, freeze up the second you point a camera at them. You would think that a person who talks to strangers for a living would have no problem talking to a lens, but there is something about being filmed that causes even the most gregarious professionals to clam up.

Test yourself first. All great performances were rehearsed. Get a feel for how you’ll do on camera before you’re in front of one.

Consider your audience

Do you cater to the kinds of clients that spend a lot of time on social media and doing internet research? There no point on making a video when none of your clients spend time on the internet outside of e-mailing.

Where will you release it?

If you have a following on social media, or a website devoted to your job, then you already have a great platform. The main function of an introductory video is to be seen by people who google you or your industry. If you don’t land clients that way, then there wouldn’t be much point in paying for a video.

Introductory videos can drive sizable ROI, but the circumstances have to be right. Make sure you have an on-screen personality and a platform for release. From there find a producer that can make something great for the right price.

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