Share These 8 Blogs to Keep Clients Healthy At Home

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For most people, the thought of spending all day, every day from the comfort of home is, well… less than comforting. However, this is the reality that most of us are facing right now, and it can be difficult to maintain a positive mental and physical well-being.

Luckily, there are plenty of great resources you can share with them to help them practice good self-care, even when it’s most difficult. Bring some positivity to their feed by sharing these  healthy recipes, at-home fitness tips, and even advice for how to help their little ones find balance too. We’ve even included sample captions for each post you can use, or simply use for inspiration!

An easy comfort food recipe:
baked oatmeal blog

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Baked Oatmeal
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A healthy breakfast you can make ahead and serve all week. Kids are guaranteed to love it, too!


Keep the kids busy and active!
yoga with kids

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Yoga Tips for Young Kids
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Little ones can be prone to anxiety too, and these yoga tips can help ease their stress.


Make your workout easier:
easier workout tips

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Make Your Workout Easier with These Fitness Hacks
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Who says you have to struggle through your workout? These tips will make every bead of sweat worth it!


To help avoid eating your feelings:
mood boosting foods

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Boost Your Mood With These Healthy Foods
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If food is fuel, eating these nutritious foods is like filling your tank with premium gas.


No need to go to the gym:
at home gym tips

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Skip the Gym with This 15-Minute Workout
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Push yourself to the max (and save time) with these quick and effective workouts.


Don’t make unhealthy lunch choices:
healthy lunch ideas

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The Secret Formula for Making a Nutritious Lunch
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Creating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s as easy as this five-step process!


Now can still be a good time to diet:

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Chew on This: Debunking Dieting Myths
Try this caption: Don’t fall for these common dieting misconceptions!


Need more energy?

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Energy Boosts for Your Next Workout
Try this caption: Feeling less than enthusiastic about working out? These tricks will get you ready to sweat in no time!

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