Real Estate Agent Content Plan for 2021

In many industries, content creation and distribution has been a standard marketing practice for many years. However, in the real estate industry, many agents and brokers are just starting to adopt best practices for content. If you’re like many of your colleagues, your professional resolution for 2021 includes getting on board with a more effective and consistent content strategy. This guide will give you a starting point so that you will be ready to put your plan into motion on January 1.

man typing on computerWebsite Revision

If it’s been a while since you visited your own website, it may be time to give it a look. Check it out on both your computer and your mobile device and see how it appears next to the sites of your competitors. You may want to change the layout, correct outdated information, add new headshots and a new bio, or opt for a faster, more robust platform altogether.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that your website is working for the way you communicate today. Many leads use a website less as a way to find you in the first place and more as a way to check you out once they have learned about you elsewhere. That means that your website should be focused on providing information about you and your track record in the local market, as well as conferring authority through reviews, testimonials, and statistics. Be sure that each page includes a call to action, a contact form, or some other way to help visitors move forward and connect with you.

search barSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

While you’re revamping your website, find out if you need to update and revise your content for more effective SEO. Conduct a keyword search to see what terms are relevant for your market and business model and a competitor keyword search to find out what other agents in your market are currently ranking for. Revise your text and add content on the back end in order to optimize your site and help potential clients find you online.

woman scrolling on phoneSocial Media Platforms

If you’ve had trouble keeping up with your social media platforms, it may be time to recalibrate and change your strategy. Here are some possible approaches:

  • If you find yourself struggling to keep up with multiple social media platforms, go all in on one platform like Instagram, then autopopulate your other platforms using an automated service like IFTTT (If This, Then That). ReminderMedia’s Branded Posts platform also offers a library of thousands of blogs you can share directly with your sphere, and a Facebook schedule feature to plan posts month’s in advance.
  • If you never know what to post, narrow down your audience to your most likely clients and gear your content toward addressing the questions and concerns they commonly have.
  • If you struggle with the functionality and logistics of posting effectively, outsource your content management to a virtual assistant or a social media management service.
  • If you struggle with the design of your posts, check out platforms like Canva that provide ready-made graphic design templates that you can create and share quickly from either your computer or mobile device.
  • While you may not be a fan of social media, look for accounts that you can learn from and emulate their style. Spending just a few minutes a day becoming better versed in what’s working for popular influencers can help you become more adept at using the platform and more confident in your own social media style.

email phone iconEmail and Direct Mail

Effective email and direct mail marketing starts with a fully optimized CRM or other client management system. If you’re not updating your information on a consistent basis, you won’t be able to communicate effectively. Schedule a time each week to update your CRM or employ a virtual assistant to do so.

Whether you’re sending out market reports, a newsletter, or other promotional materials, make sure that you are adding value through expertise and insights that your sphere of influence, leads, and geographic farm just can’t find anywhere else. ReminderMedia offers a host of print marketing products that put you in front of your sphere and offer immense value, including American Lifestyle and Start Healthy magazines and Postcards. Remember, an email or direct mail campaign is not a one-shot deal—long-term consistency is the key to making it work.

computer on deskOngoing Content Creation

Whether you create blog posts, host a podcast, or contribute to your own video channel, you should be creating original content on a consistent basis. It builds authority and helps potential clients get to know you better. Don’t worry about whether you have a few wrinkles or aren’t as polished as someone else in your space—as long as you are adding value and presenting your thoughts on a predictable schedule with an emphasis on service and authenticity, you’ll find your audience.

Repurposing Existing Content

Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you set out to create content. If you already have a library of previous blog posts, look at ways to expand on them or come at the topics in a new way. If you want to add video content to your repertoire, use your written content as a springboard for video presentations. For social media sharing, create infographics, quote cards, and other graphic elements to share based on your previous organic content, with a link back to the relevant post.

Curating Content

You don’t have to share only your original content—by curating attractive, professional content you can help add even more value to your social media platforms and within emails to your sphere of influence. In addition, you can categorize your curated content and send it to specific individuals or audience segments in order to add even more value. BrandedPosts simplifies this process, allowing you to share content based on categories that are relevant to everyone in your sphere. It also includes a monthly content calendar to ensure you are always sharing the most meaningful content at the right time.

Written by Christy Murdock Edgar

Christy Murdock Edgar is a seasoned real estate writer and frequent columnist for Inman. Her expertise in the realm of real estate has helped agents all over the world improve their content marketing strategies.