Grow Your Blog Using SEO

One of the best ways to blow up your blog is with SEO. When you optimize your content for search engines, your blogging efforts are much more likely to end up on the coveted 1st page of results. Follow these four tips to make sure your blogs are fulfilling basic requirments for ranking.

Video Transcription

Alright so hopefully you’re blogging in your business now because writing blogs is a great way to market your company, your products, your services, but a lot of times when you write a blog it’s really difficult to get eyeballs on your blog and so SEO is a great way to do that and in this video I’m gonna give you guys my top four tips to help you use SEO to boost your blog.

Number one.

First tip is the word count the length of your blog actually matters. I know it’s easy to sit down and write a blog that’s short and pump them out but it’s actually better to write a longer blog. The sweet spot is a thousand to 1500 words so sit down and actually write a blog that you’re an expert in or interview somebody so you can actually get up to that thousand or 1500 word count.

Number two.

Second tip is use keywords in your blog now there’s a great tool that Google has for their AdWords. It’s Google AdWord keyword tool, I’ll link to it in the description below but go to that site and actually look at the keywords that are trending that are popular and I’ll warn you don’t just use every keyword because that will hurt you use keywords that are specific to what you’re writing about because you don’t want to bait and switch people.

Number three.

Third tip is be consistent. So this rings true for every marketing you want to be consistent in your marketing but especially your blogging you want to consistently post because you’ll be favored by the search engines if you do that.

Number four.

Then the fourth and final tip is in your blogs use internal and external links. So if you sit down and write a thousand to 1500 word blog you’re gonna have ample opportunity to where you can link and reference other sites so if you write and you reference stats make sure you link to that page that actually has the stats or if you talk about a concept that maybe you blogged about before or maybe you know an influencer that blogged about it a link to their blog as well because search engines will favor that.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are my four top tips on helping you use SEO on your blogs to get them seen. If you like these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel obviously comment below, share with me your secrets with SEO so I can share it with our audience. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly, take action on this today!