How to Drive Local Traffic to Your Blog


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Are you looking to drive more local traffic to your blog? By getting more people from your community to check out what you post, you can create greater traction for your business and, ultimately, close far more deals.


Today on Above the Noise, Josh Stike offers three tips for getting more visitors to your blog and establishing yourself as a local expert.

Video Transcript:

Blogging is a great way to generate leads today. By regularly offering up valuable content that’s relevant to your community, you can keep people coming back to your blog again and again. Eventually, you’ll be considered a local expert, and the leads will just pour in. Here are a few ways to get more locals to check out your blog.

Tip #1 – Promote on Local Facebook Groups

You’re probably already promoting your posts on social media, but are you leaving any stones unturned? There are most likely at least a few groups geared toward your neighborhood or community on Facebook, and the people in those groups will appreciate content that’s relevant or useful to them. Just make sure you check the rules of the Facebook group before posting to make sure there’s nothing against advertising, so your posts don’t get deleted from the group.

Tip #2 – Blog About Local Events

The good thing about local topics is that not as many people will be talking about them, so there’s less competition. That leaves room for you to become the expert. Plan content for major local events ahead of time (such as parades and sports), and research any SEO terms or hashtags that people might be searching for or using. Then, when the time comes for the big event, you’ll be ready to capitalize on all the people looking for more information about it.

Tip #3 – Write a Guest Blog

Pair up with a business that complements yours—maybe a contractor or moving company, if you’re in real estate—and write a guest blog on their site that will be valuable to their audience. It gives you the chance to share your expertise with people you might not otherwise reach. Be sure you let them know where to find you on the web. Link to your own site from that blog, so they can take action right away.

The takeaway

These are just three ways you can work on getting more local traffic to your blog. Whether you’re promoting your blog through social media, tapping into locally trending topics, or partnering with another local business to create something of value to your community, the goal is to get meaningful, relevant content in front of the people who’d most want to see it. Once you’ve really gotten this down to a science, you’ll notice your local influence start to grow—and with it, most importantly, your sales.

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