Customer Story: “It’s Not Just Tossed in the Trash”

Nicole Kittredge understands the importance of building a personal brand in the mortgage industry, and it can be tough to keep her name top of mind while cultivating her brand. American Lifestyle magazine is the perfect vehicle to expand her presence to the people who matter most.

Nicole talks about how American Lifestyle magazine is different from other marketing methods, “It’s a great way to…do something that gives back, that gives them something fun to read every other month,” she says. “American lifestyle is truly one of the only [advertisements] that you can pick up, hold, open, and read the pages. It’s not just tossed in the trash.”

The effect of American Lifestyle magazine is incredible, and ROI is quick to come around after each issue. Nicole recently switched her target market: “The same day that the magazines hit the mailbox, I got a few new calls. Literally it has that much of an impact that I get calls right away.” Some of her favorite aspects of ALM are:

  • Customization—Nicole loves that she can add her own personal touches without having to do any of the creative leg work.
  • Personal Branding—Profits rise when people know who you are and what you do, and branding is the practice of selling yourself to the world around you.
  • Giving Back—By sending out American Lifestyle magazine, Nicole makes a gift of her marketing. It’s not just something with her contact info; it’s a publication that spreads joy to people on her mailing list.

The ways in which the magazine garners business vary, but they are all fantastic. She even has a real estate agent on her list who passes along the magazine’s Tear Out Cards to friends and family, so her information gets shared with more people.

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