Mistakes to Avoid in Video Marketing


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In recent years, the power of video has only increased. When you scroll through any social media or news site, videos are constantly playing. However, we’re at a point now where it is possible to make mistakes with your video marketing. Putting out a video doesn’t just equate to instant success. Making repeated mistakes can do serious damage to a brand, or at the very least, leave a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Here are some video marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Not putting forth effort


You don’t need the most expensive video equipment or the most in-depth software knowledge to put together a well thought out video. A video can be shot on a smartphone and edited with the pre-installed software on your computer. It’s all about what you’re trying to say and the personality that’s coming through on the screen. Have a strategy for the videos you want to put out and think through your ideas before executing; that way, you’ll know what message you’re sharing with the world.

Leaving your brand out

Do you have your logo, URL, and social media handles at the end of every video? If not, then you want to make sure you’re including these items on the screen so people know where to follow you. A large reason for creating videos in the first place is so you have another way to brand yourself. People want to be able to keep up with you, and this is one way to ensure just that.

Not getting to the point


There’s a place and a time for longer videos—a daily vlog, for example—but attention spans are short, and you want to make sure you’re catering to this. If you’re watching yourself back and you feel like you’re rambling, this is where editing can come in handy. Always put yourself in the viewers’ shoes before putting a video online. If it’s not something you would click on and watch, who would?

Only putting out one video

Video marketing, much like any other kind of marketing, requires consistency. If you expect to see astronomical results after posting one video, then you’ll be disappointed. Keep at it, and don’t be easily discouraged. A good strategy informed by knowledge of your audience will increase engagement over time.

Forgetting to track analytics


When it comes to anything on social media, you should be regularly tracking how you’re measuring up. You’ll never improve the content you’re creating if you don’t see what’s doing well versus what’s not. As you put out more visual content, look at analytics to see which videos are garnering the most views, comments, and likes. Continue putting out content that aligns with what’s performing well. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to switch it up every now and again too, but don’t completely deviate from your best-performing videos. There’s a reason they’re doing so well, after all.

If you’re integrating video marketing into your efforts, but not seeing results, you may want to ask yourself if you’re making the above mistakes. Try improving your videos by avoiding these missteps, so you can start seeing success in this area of your marketing.

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