How Financial Advisors Can Leverage Live Video/Streaming


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Live streaming is growing in popularity. As audiences continue to crave unfiltered content from the people they follow, unedited video gives the people more of what they want from their favorite personalities.

There are many subjects that financial advisors can talk about: specifics about retirement, saving for college, etc. The best topic, however, is current market trends. The general population is always being fed news about the economy, but they might not understand the macro and micro implications.

If you take headlines and distill them into something understandable and entertaining, you will not only provide value to your sphere, but you will also establish yourself as an industry expert. Remember, you can’t give investing advice because you might run afoul of compliance regulations. All you should focus on is reporting the facts in a way that is understandable, factual, and fun.

Here are some tips to get started:

Have solid Wi-Fi

Streaming a live video from your phone to the world requires a quality internet connection. Make sure you have solid Wi-Fi or cellular service so your videos don’t lag. Constant buffering will annoy your audience and negatively impact your message.

Don’t worry about low attendance

Your first few streams will probably not have rock star attendance, and that’s totally OK. You’re talking about a niche topic and getting into the swing of recording yourself on camera, so give yourself some time to build an audience. Once you get started, make sure you maintain a schedule. People will be more likely to tune in if they know they can expect to see your lovely mug at a particular time every week.

Hype your videos ahead of time

Make sure to do a little promotion in the lead up to your live videos. This way people can put themselves in a position to watch. Create lead-up posts on social media and send out event invitations to your sphere.

Write an outline

Some people are great at talking off the cuff—most are not. If you weren’t blessed with the gift of gab, you might be tempted to write everything out ahead of time. Be careful; a specific script can do as much damage as the total absence of one. Live video is meant to be raw. People watch live videos three times longer than prerecorded videos for a reason: they’re entertaining because they’re intimate and real. Walk the middle ground and create an outline for yourself, a basic list of ideas to get you from point A to point B. You can fill in the blanks with your charming personality.

Live video is a great way for financial advisors to connect with their clients and prospects, and as far as marketing is concerned, it’s nearly free. Once you get comfortable in front of the camera, there are a ton of ways to extend your reach even further by publishing on other channels and even boosting posts. But before you get too deep into any analytics or paid advertising, first thing’s first, go live today!

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