Marketing with a Tight Budget

If your marketing budget is looking a little tight, don’t stress. There are ways to knock your marketing out of the park that don’t include breaking the bank. Get creative with both your budgeting and your marketing efforts with these tips.

Blog more frequently.

Keeping up with a blog is tough—we know that agents are busy and working hard. But part of marketing yourself and your business is through blogging, which can instantly attract more people to your brand. Aim to create a few solid blog posts a month, making sure your word count is upwards of 500–1,000 words.

Network more often.

Part of marketing that people tend to forget about are networking events. You can find events in your area through Meetup, Facebook, or by doing a quick Google search. Attending various industry events will also help get your name out there to potential clients, ultimately making this a great marketing tool.

Get creative with video.

Video is on the rise, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. They can be used across multiple channels to promote numerous aspects of a business, instantly promoting what you want your brand to be all about. You don’t need an entire team of people to create videos for you either, you can simply get creative with your smartphone and free editing programs to get you started.

Be community friendly.

Are you getting to know the local residents? Do you attend community events, parades, or 5Ks? These events can make you all the more known in your community, which will make marketing easier in the long run. Aim to make new connections every month, getting you one step closer to staying top-of-mind within your community.

Marketing can become expensive quickly, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Utilize these tips to kick your marketing strategy up a notch, all the while staying under budget.

Written by admin