Make the Most of Your Off-Season

The winter can be a dreadful time for sales, especially when the holidays end and most people would rather spend their time indoors rather than worrying about what your business can do for them. But while your competition is taking the time to relax, you can be making the most of the season by staying connected to your clients.

Sure, no one wants to be bombarded by a slew of flyers and brochures all season long, but high-quality, meaningful gifts and handouts, emails, and phone calls can be great ways to ensure your clients don’t forget about you and your business.

Foster a common connection
Like you, your clients are probably enjoying their winter season surrounded by family and friends—baking cookies, sharing stories, and celebrating what brings us together. Why not utilize this commonality to build an even stronger relationship? Try reaching out to them via social media with a recipe, craft, or exciting story you think they would enjoy. Follow up with a phone call to talk about the content you both find interesting—a “just checking in” call won’t get their attention nearly as much as one to discuss something they enjoy.

Ask for feedback
While things may have slowed down for you, this can be the perfect opportunity to reflect and think about your strengths and weaknesses over the past year. It’s always a great idea to ask for feedback from clients, but this can be particularly beneficial during your slow season while you have time to reevaluate and prepare for next year. Try sending out a quick survey for past customers to fill out, or simply ask for feedback via email—any insight on things you could do differently is beneficial.

Make them excited
Just because you aren’t doing business with them right now doesn’t mean your clients aren’t still interested in what you have to say. Keep them interested, and up-to-date on your latest news and offers, by staying in touch as much as possible. Perhaps you could set up an event for clients at an entertaining indoor space, where you can engage with them while piquing their interest with a fun activity. Let them know about any upcoming deals or offers you may have or consider giving out prizes—either way, hosting an enthusiastic get-together during the dismal winter months is bound to attract a crowd.

Use the weather to your advantage
There’s no question that lack of energy in the winter can be a hindrance to business, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to market yourself for the winter months that can ensure your clients don’t forget about you come spring time. For instance, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are plenty of lesser-celebrated holidays that you can utilize as conversation points of deal offerings to clients. New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, even Groundhog Day, can be the perfect opportunity to reach out.

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