Five Common Holiday Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Poor Thanksgiving is the middle child of the holidays. From Halloween on, all the focus is on the winter holidays.

That’s a shame. Not just because I love Thanksgiving, but also because it’s a great opportunity to connect with your clients and sphere of influence.

Think about it. People are gathered with family and friends, engaged in conversation, and talking about all the things for which they are thankful. Aren’t you thankful for the relationships you have with them? Wouldn’t you benefit from being part of their conversation?

Don’t make the mistake of failing to reach out during in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Here are a few holiday marketing mistakes that sales professionals commonly make:

Mistake one: They don’t pick up the phone and call.

One of the biggest barriers to calling clients is finding an excuse to call in the first place. Many agents fall into this trap, but the timing itself is one of the reasons Thanksgiving is such a great time to connect. The holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to start a conversation.

Mistake two: They forget to connect on social media.

While actually speaking with people is the most effective way to connect with them, it may not be possible to speak with everyone in your sphere. In those cases, smart agents understand that social media is a great alternative.

There are plenty of Thanksgiving-related things that you can share that your connections may find helpful or inspiring. For example, there’s this article on ways to give back, or these fun and tasty harvest cupcakes that look like little turkeys. To really make a connection, don’t just post and go. Tag people in the message area or send the posts directly to them with personal messages.

Mistake three: They don’t help their clients give to charity (or give themselves).

Food charities traditionally get the bulk of their donations during the holidays, which makes sense. Food is such a big part of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

There’s a good chance that your clients and other connections will be making food donations or will want to. Why not offer to pick up their nonperishable items and take them to a local shelter or donation center?

Not only will this give you an opportunity to connect in person, but also will make a great impression on people that won’t be soon forgotten.

Mistake four: They don’t take the opportunity to say “thank you”.

The easiest way to take advantage of Thanksgiving may be by simply giving thanks.

It costs time and a little bit of money, but a nice handwritten card or note makes a great impression. E-mail and electronic greeting cards provide a cheaper, faster alternative, although they aren’t as personal or memorable.

You might want to use a combination of the two. Send your best clients a physical card, and then e-mail the rest.

Mistake five: they don’t take advantage of timing.

The most clever of professionals know how important it is to connect during the holidays. Whatever it is you decide to do, the important thing is that you do something. With everyone else waiting until the December holidays, you’ll easily stand out. And when you do connect in December, you’ll already be on people’s minds.

Bonus tip: Think ahead to next year.

It’s too late now to get a copy of American Lifestyle magazine out to homes in time for Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put it on your marketing calendar for next year. That way, your recipients’ families and friends can see your picture and contact information when they gather around the coffee table. And we all know that being present in your clients’ homes is the best way to earn their referrals.