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When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are a plethora of options. From flyers, to postcards, and brochures, the options are endless. While these tactics are seemingly simple and cost effective to create, it comes down to one thing—do they leave a lasting impression?

Like any other business expense, marketing is an investment. And for many agents, the marketing budget receives the least amount of love—it’s the last man-on the totem pole so to speak. So, it’s crucial that your direct mail marketing leaves the type of lasting impression that’s going to produce the highest return on investment.

Broker and owner, George Ree, whole-heartedly understands this. “Starting out in the end of 2009, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. I realized soon that if I was going to make it in this business, I had to get marketing that was going to work, and really hit the target that I wanted.”

So, what does Ree use for marketing?  

“I saw American Lifestyle magazine in an open house that I was doing and the agent had it sitting there. I picked it up and looked at it, and I thought to myself, that’s not something you take and throw in the trashcan.”

Why does the magazine make it past the trashcan? 

Let’s face it: while sending a simplistic postcard that only costs a couple of bucks may seem like a great idea, it’s going to get lost in the shuffle of mail.

According to a readership survey conducted by GfK, readers spend an average of 44 minutes reading each issue of American Lifestyle magazine. In terms of engagement, no other direct mail marketing tactic comes close in terms of engagement. In fact, American Lifestyle magazine boasts a shelf life that is 180,000 times that of a common postcard.

What type of success has Ree garnered from sending the magazine?

Four words. Repeat and referral business. “I just came from a home inspection for some clients that are buying their first home,” says Ree. “I’ve leased two homes to them over the past five years. I never called these guys, they called me each time when they were ready, and I knew that they had the magazine and that I was in their thoughts.”

With its engaging lifestyle content, beautiful design, and numerous personalization options, American Lifestyle magazine is a turnkey marketing solution which enables you to stay in front of those who matter the most. Each issue is read by the recipient, one person within the household, and one person outside of the household. Meaning you have exposure to at least 3.2 people for every magazine (GfK Readership Survey).

The takeaway

At the end of the day, American Lifestyle magazine lands on the coffee table, when other direct mail marketing materials (i.e. postcards) can’t simply seem to make it past the trashcan. Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned vet, take a note out of Gee’s playbook, and incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

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