How to Set Up a Recurring Campaign with Your Digital Edition


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The American Lifestyle digital edition is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects on a monthly basis.


Today on Put a Pin in It, Jessi Carlin shows you how to set up a recurring campaign—ensuring you’ll reach your most important contacts with an automatic monthly touchpoint.

Video Transcription

A recurring campaign for your digital edition is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients are hearing from you every single month. To get started, the first thing you’ll need to do is log into your ReminderMedia account. If you haven’t set up your first digital edition, check out the link in the description of this video.

Digital Edition Main Menu

Once you’re logged in, click the navigation menu on the left side of your account interface and click Digital Edition. You’ll see a block that says Automated Monthly Mailing at the top, with a toggle switch on the right side. Click to toggle that switch to the on position.

Toggle on your recurring digital edition

This brings up an editing window which says Set Up Recurrence. First, you’re going to choose the formatting options for your digital edition, beginning with the covers. Click to select your front cover, front inside cover, and back cover from the options given. When you’re ready, click the Next button.

Select cover options for your recurring digital edition

Just a quick heads-up that if at any point you need to make any changes while you’re editing your recurring campaign, you can use the Back button to return to the previous screen.

Download a PDF sample of American Lifestyle to stay in touch with past clients.

Next, you’ll be asked to pick your headshot, office logo, and industry logo or designation. Again, simply click to choose from any of the options listed, and click Next when you’re ready to continue.

Select headshot and logos for your recurring digital edition

The next screen is your inside cover letter. This is your personal message to your recipients. Start by updating your greeting, then you can move on to the body. There’s going to be some default text that already exists in this block. Update your body text to reflect your brand’s tone and messaging, but be sure to make it friendly and personable. You can also update the disclaimer field if you need to add any disclaimers.

Customize your inside cover letter for your recurring digital edition

When you’re done, click Next. This brings you to the Recipient screen, where you can choose the recipient group or groups that you want to receive your automatic monthly mailing. Make your selections, then click Next.

Select recipient groups for your recurring digital edition

From there, you’ll need to select your mailing options. This is what your recipients see when they receive your digital edition email. You can update the reply-to address, depending on where you’d like your recipients to reach out to you. You can also update the subject line, as well as the body section.

Remember: you ultimately want to convince your recipients to click the link to your digital edition, so make it sound compelling. If you need some suggestions, check out the issue captions page. When everything looks good here, click Next.

Select mailing options for your recurring digital edition

The last step is to schedule the day of the month your recurring campaign will go out. Select the date that you’d like your issue to go out, then click Next.

Schedule your recurring digital edition

Congratulations! You successfully set up a recurring campaign for your digital edition. One thing to note is that each issue is going to feature different content—so, even though this is an automatic campaign, you may still want to make some edits each month before your new issue goes out.

Edit your recurring digital edition

To do this, just navigate to your digital edition in the account interface. Find the Automatic Monthly Mailing block at the top and click Edit Recurring Issue.

The takeaway

Remember to follow up with your recipients to see how they’re enjoying your digital edition. That way, you can strengthen your connections and build lasting meaningful relationships that will yield more business in the months ahead.

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