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The vast majority of clients have no qualms about giving you a positive review, but most agents never capitalize on their willingness. Watch Luke Acree breakdown the approach to asking for testimonials.

Video Transcription

Hey guys have you ever wanted to collect a testimonial or review for your website, but you’re just not sure what to ask or where to publish it?  I’m gonna give you my thoughts on that today. Alright, so we’re talking about collecting a testimoniual or a review and if you guys remember from a previous Above the Noise video, I told you guys about the buyers journey. I believe testimonials and reviews are such a powerful way for you to influence the buyers journey, because buyers they actually want to buy and be convinced on logic, but they actually buy on emotion and testimonials—and reviews are such a powerful way to you for you to influence that emotion.

So today, I want to give you guys three things to consider when it comes to collecting a testimonial.

Ask, ask, ask.

First, you have to ask. I know this sounds simplistic, but so many business professionals that I work with they forget to ask their client for a
review or a testimonial. You want to ask at the height of the transaction, and you want to ask after you’ve solved the pain point. For REALTORS® when you’re at the closing table after you have finished all that, ask them for the review because they’re excited and they’re more likely to give it to you.

Be prepared.

Second thing to consider is you want to be prepared. Before you ask you want to make sure you know exactly what you want to ask them for because you want to make it turnkey and simple for them. You will not get reviews if you make them have to come up with everything on their own. So to help you guys I’m actually going to link below to some questions you should ask that maybe you could use in an e-mail template or using a text template to give to them to make it easy for them to answer the questions and give you a review.

Know the website.

Then the last thing to consider is you want to know the sites on which you want your client to post that review. So now that you’ve sent them a template of the questions you want them to answer to give you a testimonial, make sure you also send the sites that you want them to post it on like your Facebook, your Zillow profile, and your profile. After you get the review also don’t forget to use it on your website, but specifically your landing pages because on a landing page you’re really trying to convert and like I said your buyers journey they’re going to be convinced on the logic, but they’re going to want to purchase on the emotion and that testimonial can be used as a trust signal on your landing page to help that emotional decision to hit buy or to purchase.

The takeaway.

So there you guys have it. There are three things to consider when it comes to collecting the testimonial. If you like these tips make sure you subscribe to our
YouTube channel. As always, let me know any tips that you have and collecting reviews collecting testimonial videos. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook,
but most importantly, take action on this today!

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