How to Create a Winning Logo

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Your logo is the testament to your personal brand. A great logo can help inspire prospects, and bring you success. On the contrary, a poor logo can be nothing short of disastrous.

But, what exactly should be considered when designing a logo?

We figured we’d get some insight from a few professionals! Our Creative Services Department designs hundreds of logos a year, and have strong opinions as to what should go into creating a winning logo.

Jordan Hunsberger

  • Try and have a limited color palette. If possible, only utilize two to three different colors.
  • The number of fonts utilized should also be kept to a minimum. If possible, only use one font.

Maggie Nealer

  •  Keep the design versatile. Keep in mind that the logo will be used across different mediums. Will it work on a black background or a white background? Will it look good on your website and printed materials?
  • Your logo should always be a vector file. This will enable it to be either enlarged or reduced down without losing its quality.
  • Make sure it’s appropriate for your clientele—you don’t want to confuse your audience. For example, don’t use a crazy, script font for an accounting firm.

 Chris Elliott

  •  Your logo should be relevant and obvious as to what it stands for, but still hold some level of intrigue.
  • Simple beats intricate. Detail should be reserved for areas where it’s needed to emphasize the design so that there is a point of focus. Simple will also be easier to interpret on smaller screens.

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