How Real Estate Agents Own Facebook


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Facebook is an amazing tool for real estate agents to engage their sphere and drive quality leads. But like anything else in sales, it has to be mechanized for effectiveness. Here are four tips that any agent can use to land more clients.

Video Transcription

I want to dive into this tactic of social media a little deeper. I want to give you guys a couple different campaigns that I’ve seen be successful for other real estate agents in driving leads.

Number one.

The first is you should be showcasing your listings on social media. Keep in mind with social media you can pay for ads and you can also post organically and these campaigns can work both ways, but if you put a little bit of money behind your ad you’ll actually get more engagemen.  But you should be showcasing your listing because what happens is just like your open house. You’re gonna have prospects come in and potential buyers that you can turn into your clients. And I’ve seen the same for other real estate agents that boost their listing on social media where they have people comment on the ad and they tag a friend that they believe would be interested in this listing and it gives you a perfect way to grab that person. Give them a direct message and put them into your nurture funnel.

Number two.

Second campaign you should be running is create a webinar. This could be a webinar on the cost of renting versus buying maybe it’s a class you run for first-time homebuyers, but create a webinar and put that on your social media for people to register. Once they register you have their information and you can nurture them

Number three.

Third campaign is offer an item of value. For a real estate agent this would be a Comparative Market Analysis that they could get or maybe it’s a free list, something like a list of all the current foreclosures in your area. Make them enter their email address to get this free item of value.

Number four.

And then the fourth and final campaign that I would encourage you is very simplistic. Don’t forget to friend new people every single day. Five to 10 people every day 365 days a year is thousands of leads for you where you can friend them, and then send them a private message introducing yourself. People still read all their Facebook messages and all of their LinkedIn messages because they love receiving them so make sure you don’t miss out on taking advantage of just friending new people in your community every day.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys. There are a bunch of different campaigns that you can run on your social media to drive leads. If you liked these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, comment below let me know some creative ideas of how you’re using social media to drive leads. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and most importantly—take action on this today!

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