How a Broker Uses American Lifestyle Magazine to Grow Her Business

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In real estate, selling luxury homes is all about how well you market yourself.  Elisa Guida, a broker/owner at Keller Williams Realty Downtown, knows just how hard it is to move into a higher level of real estate. After being introduced to this high-quality tool, Guida’s business has been prospering from the positive impact created by the magazine.

What did Guida see in American Lifestyle magazine that had potential to help her with her goals as an owner/broker?

Guida was trying to move up in her business around the time she was introduced to American Lifestyle magazine, and instantly loved what the magazine had to offer. She mentions, “…when you want to work at a high level, in the higher price points, or with just excellence, you have to market yourself with marketing materials that exude the image that you’re trying to portray.” Which is ultimately why she ended up using American Lifestyle magazine because it displayed her excellence, and has continued to do such.

What kind of feedback has Guida received from clients?

She states, “It was really interesting, the first six months I was using American Lifestyle magazine, I had several potential clients call me and thank me for the magazine, tell me how beautiful it was, and how they looked forward to it…” Not only do the customers appreciate the magazine, but they enjoy it so much they feel the need to reach out, creating positive relationships and ultimately garnering business for her.

How do Guida’s recipients feel about print marketing?    

In Guida’s own words “…so many of my clients still love to receive printed media.” Especially when the magazine is created for each individual’s business, no one magazine is exactly the same, making it that much more personal for the recipient. And for her clients who are itching for more articles to read and can’t wait for the next issue, there’s a website with extra content on just about everything you can think of in terms of home hacks, food, travel, and so much more.

What has American Lifestyle magazine done for her business in terms of marketing?

The magazine has been so well received by her clients, that now, it’s just expected.

“I know that it has had an impact on presenting the image I want to use and put forth to my cliental.” Guida understands that marketing herself is the only way the grow her business, and with American Lifestyle magazine she is able to effectively do such by generating more business for herself, and keeping past clients pleased.

Before you can sell to a client, you need to be able to sell yourself with the right marketing tools. With American Lifestyle magazine, marketing is easy, effective, and displays the quality of your business that clients will surely notice.

Written by Daniel Acree

Digital designer with a passion for marketing and design.